pink slip showing over my silky pantyhose crossdressing websitewearing a 38C bra
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White Lace Camisole

The only thing cuter than the word "cami" is actually wearing one. I absolutely love to layer many of my tops over a camisole, especially when the cami is swathed in lace around the hem and around the bust line. I also love to wear just a cami out in the summer time with a pair of short-shorts or a mini skirt. Camis are so versatile and so girl that I can't get enough of them. They're also fun to wear around the house, and I of course have to check every mirror to see how my bra looks beneath my camisole. This particular cami is a basic white lace cami that I purchased at Fred Meyer while shopping cross dressed. It goes with anything and everything (including just panties :-), so you can be sure that I'll be adding more pictures to this page in the next little while. Okay, I'll breathe now.

crossdresser wearing a white lace camisole and a denim skirt    cross dresser wearing a white lace cami and peach jockey panties    crossdressing a lace cami and a cotton skirt with pantyhose and heels

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