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Weight and Waistlines

Up until a few days ago, I had only seen the 2005 movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith one time shortly after it came out, and there was a certain scene that I shall never forget. After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get married, there is a scene where the two of them are getting ready in their bedroom to go out for the day, each to attend to separate duties for their respective spy organizations. For about thirty seconds of the scene, Angelina Jolie is walking around the bedroom in a white bra with a matching white half slip and nude thigh high stockings underneath held in place by a garter belt. I can't begin to describe the impact this scene had on me for reasons you can probably guess, but there is one detail of the scene that I must point out because it's imperative for girls like us who are trying to successfully pass in public while crossdressed.

The detail in question is the waistline Angelina Jolie has created with her half slip. It may be hard to tell from this photo, but I happened to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith again on cable the other night, and this detail just jumped out at me again. I thought to myself if Angelina Jolie, a woman with one of the sexiest bodies in the world, is following this tip, then we girls should be following it as well. The method I am referring to is the way that Miss Jolie wears her slip so the waistline sits just above her navel.

I know that I have been guilty of this in the past, but ask yourself, "when I wear a half slip, the waistline sits where?" Because we were born as genetic males, our natural waistline actually sits just above the pelvic bones on either side of the hips, and when we crossdress, we tend to assume that this is the proper place for our waistline for things like a half slip, our pantyhose, and even our skirts. However, keeping the waistline that low only adds to an unbalance that could result in our getting read more easily.

The reason that men and women have different waistlines is because we put weight on in different places. I have created two simple figures at left where I created a vertical triangle, copied it, and then inverted it so the base of the second triangle was at the top instead of the bottom. I colored both of the figures pink and then added identical circles on top of each triangle to represent a man and a woman. Now, which figure is the man, and which is the woman? It's such an easy question that if I asked 100 people, I'd get the correct answer 100 times.

The reason that this triangle exercise is a good example is because men put on weight from the waist up while women put on weight from the waist down. I mean, how many times have you heard a guy say, "does this make my butt look fat?" We never hear it unless it's a joke because even though a guy can get obese, he'll still likely have a skinny butt. Women on the other hand put the bulk of their weight on from the navel down, and so they always worry whether or not jeans make their butt look too big. This is just a simple fact of nature, but it's not an obstacle that we girls can't overcome, and so I'm going to provide some suggestions that you can try in order to give your body a better natural balance, especially in regards to presenting the appearance that you have added weight below your navel and less weight in your torso. I say natural because I know there are items like corsets and hip pads that can help enhance one's girlish figure, but I will talk about how to do this naturally since being comfortable and cool is just as important to me as being passable.

Lose Weight
My best advice to anyone who wants to truly create a natural girlish figure is to lose weight and get rid of that guy tummy, but I realize just how difficult that can be, especially the older we get. Still, the more weight you can lose, the better you will look. I noticed last week when I dressed for the first time in about a month that I just didn't look as passable as I wanted. I recalled that when I have extended times to cross dress like a girl and go out, I never look as good at the beginning as I do near the end of my girl time. I was thinking about why that was because I've already mastered my hair styles; I use the same makeup every time; and nothing changes about my wardrobe, so why is it that I seem more passable at the end of two weeks of girl time than the beginning? It hit me that I continued to lose weight during those two weeks, and so shedding that extra five pounds made all the difference in terms of being more passable.

Multiple times in the past I have had two or three week stretches to dress as a girl, and I even had a similar stretch at the end of November into December. Undoubtedly it seems my best pictures are taken towards the end of these periods, and it's because I practically starve myself when I have girl time because I want to lose as much weight as possible. I'm not advocating that you go out and starve yourself too, but I am saying even if it's just a difference of five pounds lost, it's still a difference...a positive difference. So buy a dress, a skirt, or a bra one size too small and then set a goal to be able to wear it. Make it something cute too because the smaller you can go in size, the cuter your wardrobe will become.  The picture at right was taken after three weeks all to myself.  You notice how my jaw line is tiny and the narrowest part of my torso is about three inches beneath my breasts.

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