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Try Starting with Unisex Clothing
"Girl's Clothes I Wear As A Boy"

While my wife accepts that I like to wear girls clothes, I'm sure she still isn't fond of it. Nonetheless, I've made the biggest strides with her in two areas. First, I can openly wear panties and pantyhose as under garments, and she accepts this as if I were wearing boxers or briefs and socks. She never really had an issue with pantyhose and tights. I first told her I had purchased some and was wearing them on a winter business trip in Seoul Korea underneath my suits because it was so cold and I couldn't find any thermal underwear. She responded that it was a great idea, and when I got home, I showed her three pairs of pantyhose and tights that I had been wearing, and it was no big deal to her.

What was a bit difficult is when I started wearing panties beneath the pantyhose. She asked why I needed to wear panties, and I explained to her that men's underwear is so thick and the elastic bands around the waist and the legs are so heavy that it really made wearing pantyhose uncomfortable. I told her that I remembered when I was young having my sister dress me up in panties and tights and that wearing panties was a lot more comfortable. I think the biggest issue she had with my wearing panties was that I didn't just come out and tell her about it like I did with the pantyhose. The fact that her mother of all people discovered I was wearing panties (a story I still need to tell) was probably what made her more upset.

The result after all these years, however, is that she has come to accept 100% my wearing of panties under pantyhose. I have a pantyhose drawer separate from my sock drawer, and I also have another small drawer dedicated to panties. She will even launder both my panties and pantyhose, fold them for me, and then place them back in their respective drawers right alongside my other boy clothes. From time to time if I am helping her fold the laundry, she will tease me when she comes across a pair of my panties, but it is all in good fun, and we always end up laughing because you have to admit, stepping back from this whole situation I can see where a lady would find humor in a grown man wearing silky panties.

Goodness, I've gotten carried away just talking about panties and pantyhose, but that's easy to do! As I was starting to say at the beginning of this entry, the second area where I've really made strides with my wife and my cross dressing is that she won't think twice about purchasing an item of women's clothing for me if 1) it is a unisex looking garment, and 2) it's something that I can get practical use out of day in and day out. For example, quite a few years back she came home from Costco with a two-pack set of flannel pajama bottoms for herself that cost only $8.99. She was really excited about the deal, and my reaction was "you should have bought some for me too." I could literally see her mind working by the reactions on her face as she started to think "these are girl's pajama bottoms" but then quickly realize that they were totally unisex garments that wouldn't look strange on a boy. They were indeed a great deal, and I needed pajama bottoms myself. The whole process took about three seconds, and then she responded by saying, "I'll go back and get some for you too." And she did the very next day!

She bought size L for me even though I could have fit into M : ) , and my colors were a navy blue and a light blue with a simple check pattern on each. I've worn both pairs in front of multiple people outside of my immediate family, and no one ever batted an eye. I was also ecstatic at the thought of wearing all girl things on my lower half because now I had two pairs of flannel pajamas to wear over my pantyhose to bed. I long ago wore out the navy blue pair, but I still have the light blue pair that I model on the next page. Over time, even I forgot that they are girls pajama bottoms as they have become an everyday part of my wardrobe.

The important thing is that after my wife purchased these pajama bottoms for me, a light went off in her head as she realized that it was indeed OK for guys to wear girls things and not look out of place. She began noticing other great deals on clothing that were found in the women's section but that could also be worn by a guy. She has purchased for me jackets, sweaters, trouser socks, and winter boots just to name a few. About every three months, she will either call me from the store or tell me when I get home that she found something great for me in the women's section and then ask if I am interested. I try to act as casual as possible, but deep down I am thrilled that my wife no longer thinks twice about shopping for great deals for me in the women's section. From time to time, she'll also take me back to the store and have me try things on. We've done that with shoes at Ross (they don't sell guy shoes) and ski pants at the mall. It's one thing to buy girl things for myself, but having my wife do it too illustrates that women's mindsets can change in regard to men wearing women's clothing. As for men using maxi pads? I'm still working on that one. :-)

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