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Shopping and Trying on Clothes at Ross

One store that I haven't been to in awhile is Ross. Ross is one of those discount stores that tries to collect brand-name clothing from other retailers and then resell them at a huge markdown. You can find shoes, active wear, dresses, accessories, jeans, and lots and lots of tops. Ross is a store patterned after the TJMaxx model, but I prefer Ross more just because it's more practical for a girl like me. The TJMaxx stores are generally cleaner and better organized, but I find that the prices at TJ are a lot higher as well.

For example, you can find a nice dress at TJ for $60 that has been marked down from a retail price of $150, and that is a great buy for sure, but for a girl like me, it's just not practical to be spending $60 or more for dresses. First, where am I going to wear a semi-formal dress? And second, how often to I even go places that would call for my wearing a nice dress? If you have a daughter who needs a dress for prom or a semi-formal school dance, I think TJ and Ross are great stores to shop for dresses, but in my case, it's just not practical. Anyway, for someone with my budget, searching for bargains at Ross is much more practical, and so that's why I visit Ross from time to time instead of TJMaxx although both stores are super fun for girls.

Anyway, I haven't been to Ross as a girl for a few years now, and so I had a small window open this morning that would let me shop there for about 30 minutes before work, and so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and see if I could find any fun bargains. First things first, I needed to decide on an outfit, and so I chose to wear a new turtleneck sweater from Ann Taylor presented to me by my good friend Karen. As mentioned in a few entries ago, Karen also presented me with a gorgeous pair of ballet flats from Ann Taylor, and she was also gracious enough to present me this turtleneck as well, and so I've been waiting for a good opportunity to wear this sweater out on a chilly morning.

I paired this Ann Taylor sweater with my pink skinny jeans, and I thought about wearing the Ann Taylor flats as well, but I felt that they didn't really fit the situation. I mean, I would be posing as a girl shopping at 9 AM on a weekday morning, and I was probably too dressed up for the situation as it was, and so I opted for my black ballet flats from Old Navy instead. Because the morning was cold and because it's always better to step into skinny jeans wearing pantyhose, I wore a silky pair of L'eggs pantyhose in a suntan shade to wear beneath my jeans and ballet flats. Because I intended on trying things on today in the fitting room, I wanted to get my hair out of the way as much as possible, and so I pulled it together into a tight ponytail and then bundled it in the back in a fun up-do. I was super excited with my look, and so I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.

As is usually the case, I shop at stores as close to home as possible just because I don't like to spend a lot of my time dressed up driving in the car, and so I made the short drive to my local Ross taking a few selfies along the way. I also thought it would be fun to take a short video as I drove, and so you can see me here driving my a girl of course keeping my eyes on everything but the road.

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