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Shopping and Trying on Clothes at Ross (page 2 of 3)

crossdressed at RossAfter arriving at Ross, I entered the store shortly after 9 AM when it opened, and when I walked through the doors, the security buzzer went off. One of the ladies at the registers looked my way, but I was coming into the store, not going out of it. I'm not exactly sure what triggered the alarm, but it could have been a mini-tripod that I had in my purse that I use for my smart phone. Regardless, I knew that if the alarm sounded going in that it would also sound going out, and so I really felt obligated to buy something at Ross, which is not necessarily a bad thing. :)

I first started in active wear looking for cute tops that I could wear during colder weather, but the selection was not great, and so I next made my way to shoes. Ross and TJ are always hit and miss when it comes to shoes, especially for a girl like me who wears a size 10-11, and it was definitely miss this morning, and so I next went to the tops section and browsed for something cute. There were a few tops that caught my eye, but I didn't really find anything that I had to have. I did make a few mental notes on some tops because I really felt as if I should buy something this morning, at least to get me back through the security gates.

crossdresser selfie at RossWhen I left the tops, I next browsed through the lingerie because I found one of my prized bras at Ross several years ago. I came across a simple yet pretty Maidenform bra in 36C that was priced at just $6.99. The first time I actually saw the bra, I didn't purchase it, but I couldn't get it out of my mind for months, and so I went back later and purchased the bra, and I've gotten more use out of that bra than any other in my collection. Today, however, I didn't find that perfect bra that would justify me adding to my current collection, and so I next went to the racks of dresses. Though I never intend on buying a dress when I go to Ross, there's something special about shopping for them and trying them on, and so I browsed the dresses and found one by Ralph Lauren that intrigued me.

transgender girl in the Ross fitting roomThis was definitely a party type dress with a lower neckline and loose layers of fabric that rested gently on top of the bust line. The dress was also cut narrower at the waist helping to accentuate a girl's figure, and the color was a pretty blue. I was so intrigued by the dress and wanted to try it on, but I could only find it in a size 6. Sometimes I can squeeze into a size 6, but in the Ralph Lauren brand, I'm more comfortable with a size 8. They only had the one dress, though, and it was size 6, and so I put it over my arm and shopped a bit more.

If I was going into the fitting room, I wanted to try on more than just the dress, and so I went back to the tops section and selected a white, long-sleeve top with a large lace pattern running up both sleeves and the upper neck area. The top was designed for a teenager I'm sure, and someone my age wearing such a top would probably be classified as white trash, but I have a white trash destination coming up soon, and so I decided that this top would work nicely for that upcoming adventure. So, with the white lace top and blue Ralph Lauren dress on my arm, I headed for the fitting rooms at the back of the store.

There is always an attendant at the entryway for the fitting rooms, and today it was older Latino lady named Juanita. She was probably in her mid-sixties and extremely skinny, and so I said hello and put the top and dress on the little inspection rack there. She confirmed that I had two items, so she gave me the plastic #2 card and pointed me towards the women's fitting room. There was one other lady inside with a child who was probably four years-old, and she was not having a good time, and while I was in my personal stall changing clothes, they left the fitting room creating some nice peace and quiet.

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