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Shopping at Polo

a transgender girl in a girl dressIt's so nice to be back home with access to my full closet and lingerie drawers. Going on the road with my son is always fun, but it's always nice to get back home, especially when I still have opportunities to dress and go out.  In some ways I felt constricted over the weekend because I was so limited with my wardrobe, and it just felt as if my weekend and outings lacked any color, but I suppose that will happen when a girl spends time in the desert.

Now that I'm back in familiar surroundings, I wanted an adventure where I could go all out so to speak and be a girl in every way, which includes going out wearing a pretty dress.  Ever since I bought that Elle dress at Kohl's, I've been dying to actually wear it out, and so I needed to determine an appropriate destination.  I had a postcard from the local Polo Factory Outlet offering an additional 30% off my purchase, and so I decided to take a few hours in the morning and go to the Polo outlet wearing my new dress to see if I could find a good bargain and then get 30% off of that.

a transgender girl in a floral Elle dress and Laura Ashley floral pantiesFor some reason, I was in a completely girly mood this morning, and so I began my day by wearing my new Warner's bra with the pink straps and pink polka dots, and I paired that with my Laura Ashley cotton panties that have a darling floral pattern on them.  These are the panties that I like to wear with my denim short-shorts, but since I was going to wear a floral dress, I thought it would be fun to wear floral panties as well even though nobody else would be able to see them (except for all of you whom I'm giving a sneak peek!).

With my lingerie decided, it was next time to do my makeup and hair, and I took care of this task wearing just bra and panties in front of the bathroom vanity.  It felt wonderful to be able to put full makeup on again with a bathroom sink at my disposal, and I was in a super good mood from the start today.  When my makeup was finished, I decided to wear my hair long and flowing, and so I brushed it out until it was quite pretty and then tucked it behind both ears.  The final touch to my look today were my usual hoop selfie of a gorgeous transgender girlearrings and white sandals to show of my pedicure, and this girl was ready to go to the outlets.

This particular Polo outlet is about 15 minutes from my home, and so I had plenty of time to take pictures and video as I drove. I did take a small video as I drove, but I had the sun roof of my car open letting the sunlight come in, and it really messed up the lighting of the video darn it, and so I'll just post a picture here taken from the dashboard of my car.

As is usually the case when I have extended girl time when the kids are at home, I have to take advantage of shorter windows to dress and go out, usually in the morning before I head into work, and so I try and time it so that I arrive at the store just after it opens, and that always makes me feel a bit more at ease if I know the crowds will be smaller as well. As I pulled into the parking lot at the outlets, I was surprised by just how many cars were already there, but the outlets are so vast that the people spread out quite well. I found a parking spot close to the Polo store and then grabbed my purse and headed for the doors.

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