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Shopping at Polo  (page 3 of 3)

a trasgender girl trying on an orange dress at PoloThe girl unlocked one of the doors for me, and so I took the two dresses into the fitting room. I've actually shopped at this Polo outlet one time before en femme, but I didn't have the courage to ask if I could use the fitting rooms. Now that I'm getting comfortable with my voice, I had no problem asking, and they had no problem letting me in, so it was time to try on the dresses. My natural instinct was that the 8P would be the closer size, but the petite cut of the garment was so tight on me, and I didn't want to risk trying to pull it on only to be unable to get out of it later. It just didn't feel right, and I didn't want to take my chances.

The problem was that the only other size they had was that size 6, and one would normally think that a size 6 regular was smaller than a size 8 petite. I had come this far, however, and there weren't any dresses in larger sizes, and so I attempted to slide into the size 6. And to my delight, the dress fit!! It was a cozy fit for sure just like the blue dress by Polo that I tried on at Ross, but it fit. I stood in front of the mirror and modeled the dress and took a few selfies, but I felt that it was just too young-looking on me. I don't know if that was the real reason or if I was to worried about the snug fit, but I decided against buying the dress, which was marked at $34 before the 30% off I would get.

a transgender girl buying a pink top at poloOnce I got back home and looked at the pictures of me wearing the dress, I kinda had the opposite feeling of buyer's remorse. Part of me wishes that I had bought the dress too, but I didn't darn it. When I had changed back into my Elle dress, the girl was waiting for me at the end of the fitting room area, and she quickly asked me what I thought. My instinct was to tell her that I thought the dresses were too young for me, and I should have said that, but instead I told her that the fit was too snug for my liking. I told her thank you and she cheerfully said, "Anytime." Even though I didn't purchase the dress, I was at least able to try it on, and I can always go back if necessary. I didn't purchase this Elle dress right away either, so we'll just have to see.

I still had the long-sleeve top, though, and so I took it to the front of the store to check out. I wish I had had more time to shop and try other things on, but I was operating in a very short window, and so I decided that the pink top would have to suffice this morning. The other girl at the register was just as kind and helpful as the girl who helped me in the fitting rooms, and the transaction was natural and smooth. I paid for the top with my Banana Republic credit card in my girl name, and just like that, I had another successful shopping encounter at the Polo outlet store where I picked up a $35 brand-name top for just $7. That's my kind of shopping!

As fun as the morning was to this point, my blondeness totally took over from there. I have this new twisty tripod thingie that I can attach to my cell phone that enables me to take video from almost anywhere, and I twisted the tripod legs around the back door handle of my car to set up a video shoot of me talking in front of the Polo boutique with my new purchase. Well, I had everything set up nicely and I pushed the record button only to have the camera in selfie mode, and so while I stood there and talked about my experience and showed off my dress and new top (all with people walking past me), the only thing you can see on the video is a consistent shot of the back set of my car through the window with my talking in the background. Goodness gracious!!

Oh well. I had a lovely morning and now I've got a super cute top to wear this upcoming spring and summer. Life is still good.
pictures of a transgender girl modeling a top from polo

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