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Shopping at Polo (page 2 of 3)

transgender girl shopping at the Polo outlet storeThere were already a few customers in the store when I walked in, but this is one of the larger Polo stores that I've been to so we all had our space. Usually when you walk into Polo, there is someone there to greet you and perhaps explain the sales of the day, but one of the girls working was helping someone at the registers, and then the other girl was back in the fitting rooms with someone else, so that meant I really had all kinds of freedom to roam the sales floor without being disturbed.

I first began in the women's section just taking mental notes on all of the items and feeling the fabrics between my fingers. The clothing at Polo is quite expensive for someone with my budget even with the extra 30% off, so chances were that I was not going to find anything from the regular sales floor that I could buy. It's still fun to shop, though, and so I carefully made my way back to the clearance area where I was hoping to find a large display of clothing. At first glance, I noticed that everything on clearance was still from the summer, and there were lots of shorts and tank tops that I really didn't need or care for. The last time I was in this store was with my wife during the summer, and I remember lots more dresses and blouses and fun things on the clearance racks, and that makes sense now that I think about it since items on clearance will always be off season.

As I was browsing around the clearance racks, there was a tourist family in my vicinity as well, and both the father and the son were glancing at me. Who knows the reason for their glances, but I did notice them and didn't mind at all. I felt so pretty on the morning, so I hope that they were just admiring an attractive woman. Still in the clearance section, I finally came across some items with promise. Luckily they had some items on clearance on the back walls and not just the usual clearance Polo top with pink and white stripesracks in the corner of the store, and there were quite a few tops as well as some dresses. I came across a pink and white stripe long-sleeve top that was quite thin and definitely not for colder weather.

This top had an extremely wide wide that it would be difficult for a girl to wear a bra with straps and not have the straps peek out from beneath the top. I immediately pictured myself wearing this top with the Warner's bra I had on this morning, and I knew it would be a fun combination. The top that I originally found was in a size M, and even then, it still looked too big for me. a transgender girl in the fitting room at PoloPerhaps the design of this top was for it to be loose-fitting, but I wanted something a little bit more snug, and so I looked for a size S. My search was in vain because they only had the one top in M and then a few more in even larger sizes. The original price of this top was $34.99, and then they had it marked down on clearance at $9.99, and with my 30% discount that meant I could get it for $7, and so I was happy to at least have something to take home.

Still, I had come all this way, and I was feeling pretty, and so I wanted to try something on in the fitting rooms. After leaving the clearance tops, I came across a section of dresses, and these were obviously summer dresses. In fact, when I took one of the dresses off of the rack, I wasn't sure if it was a long top or actually a dress it was that short. The summer style for dresses of late, however, have bee super short, and this particular dress was no exception. The dress came in a burnt orange color, which I thought was cute, but I was nervous about the length. As is usually the case with clearance racks, they didn't have what I thought to be my perfect size, but in holding up a few of the dresses, I grabbed a size 8P (for petite) and then a size 6 regular.

I walked back into the fitting room area, but Polo keeps all of their stalls locked, and so you have to find an attendant to let you in. With the store still fairly quiet, I had to exit the fitting room area and track down and attendant, and so I walked all the way up to the front of the store and found a girl to help me. I asked her if I could try the dresses on, and she replied quickly, "Sure!" and darted back towards the fitting rooms. This girl was probably in her early twenties, and she was really short, so I had a bit of a complex standing so much taller than her, but if she felt suspicious or uncomfortable, she didn't show it. She actually reminded me a lot of Lexy, a young girl who assisted me in making a return at a Big 5 store over the summer.

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