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Shopping the Semi-Annual Intimates Sale at Kohl's

crossdressed to shop for intimatesLast Friday night we were watching my favorite romantic comedy, Notting Hill, and the movie was being broadcast on a network that caters to women, and so I was just loving all of the commercial breaks. In fact, the two commercials that were shown the most announced a major sale at Macy's and then the semi-annual intimates sale going on at Kohl's. I just love shopping at Kohl's and have figured out their system when it comes to pricing, clearance, and sales in general, and so I love to pick my spots and go shopping there for real bargains.

I could not watch that commercial announcing the semi-annual intimates sale over and over without hatching a plan to go shop that sale as a girl, and so today I manufactured a girl day as I like to say. What I mean by manufacturing a girl day is that my wife is at home and everything is normal, so if I'm going to go out as a girl, I need to be stealthy about it and completely transform in the front seat of my car. I would prefer not to get dolled up this way because I'm limited to the rearview mirror and the tiny mirror located at the back of my sun visor, but the intimates sale was calling me, and so I decided to go shop it this morning.

After watching those commercials and learning of the sale, I went online to the Kohl's website to get more information, and I found a coupon offering an extra $10 off if you spent $40 or more on intimates, and so I printed off the coupon and put together a plan on how to reach $40.

In the last year or so, I have really been touting Warner's bras, and that brand has become my favorite. Their bras are so soft and silky, and I just love the shape and feel of them overall, and so I want to build up a modest collection of Warner's bras to complement my wardrobe. My favorite bra by Warner's is the This Is Not A Bra model, and I've discovered that 38B is the perfect size for me, and so I've been watching sales on Warner's bras for the last few months. The This Is Not A Bra retails for $40, which is way too much for me to spend, but during the Kohl's semi-annual intimates sale, they were offering the bra at half price, or $19.99 !

buying a Warner's bra crossdressedI felt as if I was willing to pay $19.99 for a bra because 1) I really wanted a plain white bra in the This Is Not A Bra style, and 2) I wanted the experience of shopping the semi-posing before shopping for bras and panties crossdressedannual intimates sale as a girl. For those two reasons alone I was willing to pay $20 for a new bra, but after finding that coupon, I realized that I could get a second bra for an extra $10, and so I went to Kohl's this morning with the intent of buying two Warner's bras in the This Is Not A Bra style.

Once I had decided to go shop the sale, I next needed to determine an outfit. As most of you know, I like to keep things as simple as possible, but I just felt like wearing a skirt and pantyhose today, and so I put together as simple of an outfit as I could that implemented both of those items. Even though the spring weather is upon us, the mornings are still chilly, and so I decided to wear a long sleeve top with a pretty lace V-neck by Rue21. This top has tiny flowers that dot the fabric, and it's super comfy to wear. Beneath this top, I wore--what else--but my Warner's bra with the pink straps and pretty polka dots on the white cups and band. I was really pleased with the shape of my breasts through the top, and so next up was a good skirt to match.

I know that a girl really shouldn't mix a patterned top with a patterned skirt, but I thought the top would go well with my navy pencil skirt with narrow white stripes. Because this is a cotton skirt, I wore a white half slip beneath the skirt just to lessen the friction between the skirt and my pantyhose around the thigh area. As for my pantyhose, I didn't want to make it look obvious that I was wearing them, and so I chose a simple nude pair by L'eggs in their sheer to waist style. To complete my look, I stepped into a pair of fun Mary Jane flats in brown, and I was ready.

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