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Shopping the Kohl's Semi-annual Intimates Sale  (page 3 of 3)

With both bras in hand, I knew I needed to complete the final step, which was to find enough items that would sub total to $40 so I could use the $10 off coupon. I had two bras in my hand that totaled $39.98, and so I needed to come up with just two more cents. As is usually the case, I decided to make up that difference by purchasing a pair of panties off of the clearance racks, and so I moved over to the panty section and began my search. I was actually hoping to find some Vanity Fair Illuminations panties on clearance, but there were none, and so I next found the Warner's panties, but I didn't like the two colors available...a gray color and a dark red.  When I left my Vanity Fair and Warner's comfort zone, I came across the cutest pair of crème colored panties by Jockey. My goodness they were pretty panties. Usually, I equate Jockey panties as being cotton, but these were pretty nylon panties, and so I added them to my collection. The price was $4.40 for the panties, but that would have to suffice in order to put me over the $40 threshold.

With my bras and panties in hand, it was time to find some mirrors for some selfies and then time to browse the clearance racks. I was really hoping to find something by Elle on clearance, and I did come across a few tops, but they weren't in my size and not really anything that looked appealing to me. After browsing through Elle and the J-Lo section for a bit, I decided to head for the registers to complete my purchase. I noticed little old Claire, a woman in her 70's who actually assisted me when I bought the Elle dress on clearance several months ago, and so I stood in her line waiting for another lady to finish a return.

I waited for about 30 seconds and then it was my turn. I'm not sure if Claire recognized me or not, but she greeted me with a smile as I put my bras and panties on the counter. As she scanned the prices, I also pulled the $10 coupon out of my purse and told her, "I have this," and so she dutifully scanned it to apply my discount. She did ask if I had a Kohl's charge card, and I said that I did but I wouldn't be using it today, and so she totaled up my sale, I ran my credit card and signed, and just like that, I had successfully shopped the Kohl's semi-annual intimates sale.

Claire circled the "You Saved" section of the receipt with her finger nail, and according to the receipt, I saved $56.62 off of retail price. Now, you never have to pay full price for most things at Kohl's, but I was happy to find both Warner's bras for a total of $30 and then that darling pair of panties for another $4 or so. I was a happy girl as I walked out of the store with my new intimates in hand.

I really wanted to make a short video of my excursion and show off my new bras and panties, but the parking lot was in the direct sunlight, and so I actually drove to the north end of the building and made the video there in the shade. What a fun morning, and more than anything, it just felt good to be able to shop a major intimates sale as a girl.

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