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Shopping the Kohl's Semi-annual Intimates Sale (page 2 of 3)

driving crossdressed as a transgender girlI actually wanted to arrive at Kohl's as close to 9 AM as possible. I don't mind shopping around crowds, but it's a lot harder to take selfies in the store with lots of people around, so I put my outfit and makeup in the car the night before in preparation for an early transformation so I could try to make it to Kohl's just after they opened. Unfortunately, my wife had an errand to run that required me to stay home for a few hours in the morning, and so I happily complied and worked from home as she took care of her matter. While this would delay my outing and put me in Kohl's around 11 AM, it did give me the chance to underdress my panties and pantyhose before I left the house in guy mode. :)

With everything settled at home, I finally left around 10:30 AM, and so I found a secluded parking lot with a bit of shade and began my transformation in the front seat of my car. I suppose everything went as well as could be expected, but this method of transformation makes me nervous because I just can't check all of the little details. I can't see the back of my hair or my outfit; I don't know what I look like from the sides; and I don't have that full-length mirror to visually inspect myself from all angles before I go out. I'd rather not transform this way of course, but if this is what it took to shop that intimates sale, then I was all in as the card sharks say.

bra shopping as a transgender womanOnce I was fully transformed, the drive to Kohl's was about five minutes. The spring sunshine was still quite low in the sky, and it didn't make for very good dash cam pictures, but that didn't stop me from taking a few anyway. I was also a little bit anxious driving to Kohl's because I wasn't sure if they'd have the bras in my size in the colors that I wanted. When I first saw the commercials for the sale and visited the website, I just fell in love with a lavender-colored bra that Warner's calls Soft Iris. It was such a pretty color and quite similar to the lavender-ish background color I have on the borders of my web pages, and I was so drawn to it that I decided to purchase one bra in White and the other in Soft Iris. The problem was that according to the Kohl's website, my local Kohl's didn't have either color in my preferred size.

The Kohl's website actually as a "Pick Up In Store" feature, and so you can enter in your zip code and then check the item's availability at nearby Kohl's stores. I did this for my desired bras in my preferred size, but not only did it say that my local Kohl's was out of stock, but it said that all Kohl's stores within 50 miles of me didn't have the bras either. When all of the stores in my metro area showed up as out of stock, I was hoping that the website wasn't syncing properly with the inventory in the local stores, and so in the back of my mind, I was ready to drive around and shop several Kohl's stores until I found what I desired.

Once I arrived at Kohl's I found the closest parking spot possible and then headed for the doors. There were quite a few cars already there by the time I arrived, but I felt good and strode with confidence to the lingerie section. I know right where the Warner's bras are, and I know the exact rack where the This Is Not A Bra style hangs, and so I went to the Warner's section first a selfie from the bra section at Kohl'swith my fingers and my bra crossed. There was a mother there in the bra section with her teenage girl (I'm not sure why she wasn't in school), and it was fun to listen to their conversation with the mother suggesting this and the girl wanting that. :)  As I listened to their negotiations, I began shopping for myself  and was elated to find the first Warner's bra I was looking for in White. Just to be safe, I took the bra over to the price scanner and confirmed that it was indeed on sale for $19.99. Yay!!

With the price confirmed, I headed back to the Warner's bra section to see if they also had a bra in the Soft Iris tone. As you likely know, just because you see a color or shade on a company's website, it doesn't mean that they'll carry it in the local store, and so I was a bit nervous as I headed back to the racks of bras, but the Soft Iris was such a pretty color, I recognized it the instant that I saw it displayed on an end cap. Once again, I held my breath as I leafed through the bras to find my size, and to my delight, there it was:  38B.  I was absolutely elated as I removed the bra from the rack and paired it with the same bra in White. I was quite nervous that neither bra would be here because the sale has been going on for a week or so. I suppose, though, that 38B isn't the most common size, and so I was just happy that they had what I needed in the desired colors.

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