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Buying A New Dress!!  (page 3 of 3)

a pretty transgender girl buying brasSince it was still early in the morning, there was only one lady working the registers, and she was as cute as a button.  Her name was Claire, and she was at least 70 years old. She had short, gray hair and probably stood all of 4'10".  What a darling woman she was, and she happened to be helping another lady probably a few years older than me and dressed way more casual.  Well, the woman before me was doing the same exact thing that I was...trying to find $25 worth of a transgender girl shopping at the department storemerchandise so she could get the $10 off.  The difference was that she wasn't buying clothing; rather, she had all kinds of small knick-knack items like picture frames and hair accessories.  Claire was busy ringing everything up, but she was still under the $25. 

As I stood there and waited patiently, I could tell both of them were having an enjoyable time wondering if she had surpassed $25, but when she didn't, she took off again in search of something new.  As I waited for them, I spotted a mirror quite a distance away, but I decided to take a long-distance selfie anyway, and it turned out pretty well except for the dirty mirror darn it.  Can you tell I have a pet peeve regarding dirty mirrors?  At least you can see me in line holding the Elle dress and beige Warner's panties.

Anyway, when the knick-knack lady left, it opened up the register, and Claire gave me a smile if not a bit of a nervous look I thought.  As soon as I opened my mouth, however, Claire's countenance changed and we were both two ladies there ready to see if I had surpassed the $25 dollar limit.  I set the dress and the panties down on the counter, and then pulled the two coupons from my purse and handed them to Claire as well.  She commented on how a receipt for a dress purchased by a transgender girlpretty the dress was, which is what we girls do, and then I explained to her that it was only $24, and so I went to lingerie to buy this pair of panties to put me over the top.  Claire seemed delighted with the story as she handled my transaction, and after the two coupons and tax and everything, my total come to just under $10!  I swiped my girl credit card through the machine, signed like a girl, and then hit OK, and just like that, I was the new owner of a gorgeous dress and a new pair of panties...all for under $10.

a transgender girl holding her new dress and pantiesAt Kohl's, they have a little figure at the bottom of the receipt that shows how much you saved, and the cashier will always circle it with their fingernail and tell you the amount, and Claire was a bit surprised at first, but she announced, "You saved $62.20!"  Unbeknownst to me, the lady who was buying all the knick knacks had queued back up in the line, and she almost shouted, "Awesome!"  I looked at her with a smile and said, "Isn't that super?!"  And there we were...three ladies all excited about bargain shopping at Kohl's, and I don't think either of them suspected that I wasn't a woman.

Claire put my dress and panties in an extra large bag for some reason, and I literally skipped right out he front door to my car. Not only did I just buy the dress of my dreams, but I bought it for $8.48 and had super fun interaction with two other ladies doing it.  I was so excited that the instant I sat down at my computer at work, I emailed Aimee telling her "Guess What?!"

When I got home in order to cross dress into my guy things before heading into work, I just had to try on the dress for a quick fashion show, and so I changed out of my tights and into a pair of silky pantyhose and then slipped into a pair of black heels and took a few pictures in the dress and a short video. I must apologize that the video will be leaning at a bit of an angle unless you happen to be at sea and riding on a ship that is listing the starboard side, but there's only so much technical savvy that this blonde head can handle, especially after buying a new dress!  : )

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