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Buying A New Dress!! (page 2 of 3)

a transgender girl shopping crossdressed at kohl'sA little over a month ago, I had another card of Kohl's cash for $5, and so I waited until the last day of the month that the card expired and went to Kohl's for a similar shopping experience.  During that outing, I tried on several tops by Elle, and then I found a darling sleeveless dress in a fun plum color with pretty flowers in the pattern of the dress.  It also came with a thin belt around the waist, and it was so silky and lovely that I instantly a transgender girl trying on a pretty dress in the fitting roomwanted it. I'm posting a picture here at left of me trying the dress on in the Kohl's fitting room and just look how darling all of the clothing I tried on is!!  As much as I loved the plum dress, as I often state, I will only buy a dress for a special occasion, and so I didn't buy the dress at the time because it just cost too much money.

Another one of my besties, Aimee, insisted that I go back and buy that dress after she saw the pictures from the fitting room, and Aimee was so stern with me that she said she would even pay for it.  Goodness, it was a $60 dress, and even on sale, it would have been difficult for me to buy that dress even if Aimee was paying for it.  Aimee and I went back and forth in a few emails, and I was just about to let her buy me the dress, but before we could determine the logistics of it all, I found myself at Kohl's this very morning looking for the plum, floral dress.

I found the dresses quickly and nervously leafed through the sizes until I came across a size L.  I should note that the dresses were really crammed in with other Elle things making it harder to find what I needed, and after looking through a lot of bigger sizes like XL and 2X, I finally found the dress in a size Large.  I really didn't have time to try the dress on again, but I didn't need to since I already knew that it would fit me, and so I now needed to figure out what the cost was. The dress still had it's original $60.00 tag on it, but it was crammed in with so many other things, the sign above the rack wasn't clear, and so I took the dress over to one of those courtesy scanners that Kohl's has and nervously matched the barcode up with the lasers.

a transgender girl shopping for warners brasAnd it said the dress was on clearance for $24.00. Twenty-four dollars!! I just about leaped out of my tights on the spot when I saw that, but then it hit me...I had to spend $25 dollars in order to get the full $17 off.  I suppose it was a good predicament to have, but how many things can you find at a department store that cost $1 or close to it. The only thing that came to mind was a pair of panties, and so I dashed over to lingerie to see if I could find anything on the clearance racks of panties.  Along the way, I did stop in the bra section to quickly peruse the Warner's bras, and being the girl that I am, I couldn't help not to take a few selfies shopping there in the lingerie section.

Normally Kohl's has lots and lots of panties on clearance, but they really didn't have much today darn it. I leafed through panty after panty and then finally found a pair of beige panties by Warner's (my new favorite lingerie brand) for $2.30. Warner's panties are so soft and silky just like their bras, and I have always wanted a pair, and while these particular panties weren't very pretty, they were definitely something that I wanted to try. They only had the panties in a size 7L, which looked to be a tad too big for me, but I really didn't have any other choice. I was also in a hurry, and so I took the dress and the panties to the front registers to make my purchase.

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