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Shopping at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet

shopping selfie from the Ann Taylor fitting roomOne excursion that I desperately wanted to make before my extended girl time comes to a close was a trip to the Ann Taylor outlet store. There is only one outlet store in my state, and it's about 50 minutes away from my home, and so it's just so hard to find a window big enough to where I can afford to spend two hours in the car and then tack on more time for shopping.

In the past, I've been able to visit these particular outlets on a weekend, but when my schedule didn't allow it this summer, I decided that I'd just have to transform in the parking garage at work and then dash to the outlets for an evening of shopping. When shopping at such a refined store like Ann Taylor, I really wanted to look my best, which means primping and fussing over my look with mirrors and sinks and lights and everything else available to me at home, but if I wanted to make this outing work, I needed to take care of my transformation in the car.

crossdresser shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch outletsEven though I would have to transition in a limited space, I had plenty of time to choose the perfect outfit for the excursion, and so I began with a sheer blouse with a darling frilly pattern running down the buttons in the front, and then I wore that over a full slip by Vanity Fair. While I'm always conscious of the way my bra shows through my top, even I didn't dare wear this blouse over just a bra, and it was also fun to have a good excuse to wear a full slip once in awhile.

I paired the blouse with a navy pencil skirt from Old Navy with thin, horizontal white stripes, and I knew I had a winning combination when I modeled this outfit the night before in front of my full-length mirror. Because I would be under dressed at work today wearing pantyhose instead of socks, I decided to keep my pantyhose on for this excursion and then wear my black ballet flats. Technically, I was a girl on her way home from work today shopping at the outlets; it's just unfortunate that I had to be cross dressed as a guy during work.

crossdressed at the gas pump in s sheer blouseI left work tonight about 30 minutes earlier than usual so I could use that time to transition in my car, and while I'm always nervous about this method, I had no choice tonight. Another reason that I wanted to transition at work is because the drive to the outlets is only about 30 minutes from work, and so I changed into my outfit and did my makeup right there in the parking garage, and I was ready to go. Luckily, the traffic was light because I also had to stop for gas along the way. I made it to the outlets in about 30 minutes, and after doing a final check of my hair, I grabbed my purse and exited my car.

The first order of business today was to use the restroom. I just can't concentrate on my shopping if I'm forced to dance there like a little girl and try and hold it, and so I wanted to use the women's room before I started my shopping. The bathrooms at these outlets were located in kind of a commons area where there were couches, vending machines, and racks with PR pamphlets for the surrounding area. I had no idea what to expect with the restrooms here, and so I just walked right in.
gorgeous crossdressing girl taking a selfie from the womens bathroom

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