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Brown Cotton Tie-Skirt from Old Navy

I know that cross dressers prefer nylon, lycra, and other silky fabrics, and while I too love the feeling of wearing bras, panties, and other clothing made of those fabrics, I've really grown to love the simplicity of cotton the last few years. When I am able to spend weeks at a time as Lisa, I notice I often reach for cotton panties in the morning, and there's also something delicate about a cotton bra with no underwire. So I guess it's no different for me now when it comes to skirts. This skirt from Old Navy has a pretty sash that can be tied in the front to create a bow, and its coffee color allows me to wear it with virtually anything. This is such a fun and appropriate skirt to wear when I'm crossdressing in public.

crossdresser in white tshirt and bra with a brown skirt and nude pantyhose  crossdresser in a pink ruffle top and cotton skirt  crossdresser in lace camisole, skirt, pantyhose, and heels  crossdresser in pink ruffles and denim capris

crossdresser in a short skirt and suntan pantyhose crossing her legs  crossdresser pic in a knit polo, short skirt, and pantyhose  cross dresser in a lace camisole and cotton skirt  cross dresser in a ruffle top, lace camisole, and cute skirt with pantyhose and heels

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