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New Year's Shopping at Polo

It has been so enjoyable to find numerous days to dress and be a girl during the winter time. I rarely get to put my winter outfits to the test, so it's been fun to put together outfits these past few months and enjoy myself as a girl in public even when the weather is so chilly outside.

On that note, I'll change the subject just a bit and talk about some of the fashion mailing lists I'm a part of.  I receive emails on a daily basis from some of my favorite brands like Old Navy, Ann Taylor, and DownEast.  I'm also on the mailing list for Polo Ralph Lauren even though that brand is usually a bit out of my price range, I still like getting the emails, however, because they usually include a coupon/barcode for an extra 25% or 30% off my purchase.  : )

As a result, I'll visit the Polo Factory Outlet near my home two or three times a year as a girl and look for a fun deal that I can make into a sweeter deal with my mailing list coupon.  I hadn't been to Polo as a girl since the summer, and so I thought I would take advantage of a window this morning to cross dress as a girl and shop at the Polo Outlet.  I had a coupon for an extra 30% off my purchase, and that also included clearance items, and so I thought it'd be fun to shop the clearance racks and also browse around the women's section in general.

I've spent a lot of time lately in dresses and heels and boots, and so I thought I would tone down my outfit a bit this morning and go shopping in a cute sweater and a pair of jeans. One of my favorite sweaters that I purchased last year was a beautiful magenta knit sweater from Ann Taylor, and so I paired that with a simple pair of blue jeans from Old Navy.  I also took this opportunity to un-box another pair of boots that I have, and these boots are much looser around the calf area and have a flat heel.

I bought these boots on Black Friday at Kohl's several years ago, and they're perfect for wearing over a pair of blue jeans.  When I first got my pair of high heel boots with the tighter fit, I tried them on over a pair of my jeans, and while I was able to zip the boots up, it was a pretty tight fit, and so I thought I would go completely relaxed today and wear the loose boots with the flat heels.  Beneath my boots, I wore a pair of nude pantyhose just because, and I was ready to do some shopping at Polo.

I arrived at the outlets shortly after their opening at 10 AM, and there were three employees on hand and two other customers when I walked in.  The employee paying the most attention to the women's area was a kind Asian lady named Jane, and after a few minutes, she introduced herself to me and offered her help if I needed it.  I thanked her and said that I was just going to browse around as well, but it was fun to be able to make introductions like that.

I've noticed a trend over the last few months where my interactions with sales ladies have become more personable where they feel more comfortable with me, and it's more of a girl to girl interaction. I'm not sure if it's because I've become more passable or if it's due to the growing visibility of transgender women. Regardless, it's something that I've noticed, and I of course cherish such encounters.

For the next 30 minutes, I browsed the entire women's section looking for the best deal possible. I also wanted to find something that would work with my wardrobe, and so I started in the regular sales area and then worked my way back towards clearance.  Before I get to the clearance racks, I just have to mention that Polo is currently displaying some gorgeous dresses on their sales floor.  They currently have a little black dress that isn't overly strappy with ruffles around a tighter waist, and I was so tempted to try it on.  I didn't because I knew I wasn't going to buy it, but I don't' know when I've been tempted more to buy a $99 dress.

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