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New Year's Shopping Crossdressed at Polo

As I began looking through the clearance racks, I came across a sheer skirt in a base black color, and then the skirt was adorned with a pretty floral pattern of mostly red and beige. I noticed that the skirt was available in nearly every size, and so I looked at the price tag and saw that the retail price was $125. There was no way that the skirt was worth that much money, and so that's why there was so much inventory left.  They brought the skirt to the outlets with an initial price tag of $89.99, but buy the time I found it, it was marked down with a price tag of $19.99.

The sheer fabric of the skirt suggested that it was part of the summer fashion line from the previous year, but I thought that the skirt could also be worn with a pair of black opaque tights in the winter.  At that price and then an additional 30% off, I was way interested in the skirt.  I searched all through the racks looking for my size (my guess was a size 8), but they didn't have any 8's darn it.  They had a size 6 and a size 10, and I also noticed that all of the sizes were petite.  In holding the size 6 up, I felt as if it would work for me, but I grabbed the size 10 as well and then headed for the fitting rooms.

There was a guy employee close to the fitting rooms, and so I approached him and asked him if I could try the skirts on.  I'm sure that he could have assisted me by unlocking one of the fitting room doors for me, but he quickly called into his little headset and mic for someone else to come assist.  In just a few seconds, Jane came hurrying over, and I was pleased that the guy felt as if I should have a woman assist me.

Jane took me back into the fitting rooms and also asked my name. The fitting rooms at Polo--at least at this particular outlet--don't have a place on the door to write the customer's name, but that's okay; Jane and I had made formal introductions, and she was so kind in assisting me.  After showing me to my room, she would come back every few minutes and knock softly asking if everything was going okay.

Everything was going okay.  Before even trying on the skirts, I was busy taking pictures of me wearing just my magenta sweater.  I loved the look of my nude pantyhose situated over my black panties, and so I had some fun documenting that impromptu look before turning my attention to the skirts. : )

When I did get around to the skirts, I first started with the size 6 and was pleased that I could actually zip the skirt up around my tummy.  In fact, the pic I'm posting above at right is of me wearing the size 6.  As much as my ego was telling me, "Just take the size 6, Lisa," I also thought it would be smart to try on the size 10 just in case, so I changed the size 6 for the size 10, and I was surprised to notice that I really couldn't tell the difference between the two sizes.  I think they both felt a bit snug because they were from the petite line, but I ended up taking the size 10 just to be safe.

After putting myself together, I was ready to check out as I did need to make an appearance at work sometime during the day (sigh).  Jane wasn't in the fitting room area, and so I walked back out to the sales floor and ran into the guy again.  I informed him that I'd like to check out, and so he called into his mic again and a different girl helped me at the registers.  One of her first questions was, "Did anyone assist you today?" and I happily gave her the name Jane. She rang the transaction up giving Jane the credit, and then she also scanned the 30% off coupon from my phone.  The grand total after discount and tax was $14.93, and while that's a little bit more than I'd like to pay for a single skirt, in this case I was paying more for the experience of shopping at Polo and trying things on.

The transaction was as smooth as ever, and I felt so good walking back out to my car that I wanted to take a picture in front of the store. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, and I would have to pose in direct sunlight, but I just wanted to do it.  I placed my mini tripod on the trunk of my car and took a series of photos, and even though I'm squinting way bad due to the sun, I still like how they turned out.  One of them is posted above.

Today was just a fun day to be a girl, and it's getting harder and harder to de-girl and go back to my everyday life.  I at least have the pictures and the memories and before I forget, I also got to add another darling skirt to my wardrobe.  Life as a girl is good!!

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