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New Dress at Kohl's

The feedback I get when I wear dresses is amazing.  In particular, many readers have been so kind to comment on my blue floral dress from Dress Barn and the gray, knit dress that I wore for a Christmas photo shoot with Danielle.  I suppose the bottom line is that I simply need to wear more dresses, and so today I wanted to take advantage of some afternoon girl time by wearing the gray knit dress out in pubic for a bit of shopping.

This dress is so darling, but it can only be worn during the chilly months, and so I wanted to definitely wear it one more time this year before the weather starts to turn warm.  When I wore the dress for the Christmas photo shoot, I was initially wearing it with a pair of black opaque tights and black ballet flats, but Danielle convinced me to try it with a pair of high heel boots that I had brought along for the excursion "just in case."  I think both of us girls agreed that the dress looked the best with nude nylons underneath and the high-heeled boots, and so I decided to wear this combination today for a shopping trip to a different Kohl's than I usually patronize.

My purpose in going to Kohl's was two-fold.  First, I wanted to shop the clearance section for cute dresses that would fit my other friend, Danielle, and then secondly, I'd love to find a pair of Elle stretch slacks in black for myself.  I should also mention that I had a coupon for an extra 25%, so I was really hoping to find a bargain or two.  And while my focus was of course on the clearance section, I also made sure to browse around lingerie, the Elle section, hosiery, and the women's section in general.

When I arrived at Kohl's it was shortly after the noon hour, and so I thought my outfit would be typical of a working girl dashing into Kohl's for a short shopping trip.  In order to further present the working girl image, I pulled my hair back tightly into a pony tail and then tied it into a fun updo so it was out of the way.  It felt great to walk across the parking lot and enter the store wearing heels, and once inside, I didn't detect any crazy stares, and so I made my way back to the women's clearance area managing to stop at just a few full length mirrors on the way to take some selfies.  :)

When I arrived at the clearance racks, there were two other ladies in the general area, but the section was spread out enough that we each had our own space to browse.  I was a little bit surprised by how sparse the racks were because usually at Kohl's, they pack in the clearance items so tightly that sometimes it's hard to browse through everything.  I started in the dress section first and shopped a bit for Danielle, but I wasn't finding anything that looked as if it would work.  When I shopped for Danielle last month at my local Kohl's, there were plenty of dresses to choose from, but there just wasn't a large selection at this store.

As I was looking at dresses, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a neon orange dress that I tried on over the summer during one of my dress-offs with my girl friend Wendy.  This particular dress has a double layer of ruffles surrounding the neckline, and then it only rests over the right shoulder leaving the left shoulder bare.  Last summer I first saw the dress displayed on a mannequin, and it took my breath away, and while I did try it on then, there was no way I was going to pay nearly $50 for it on sale.  I still tried it on just so I could take some pics in it, but I had to put it back on the rack at the end of the Dress Off.

Well, I noticed several of these dresses scattered throughout the clearance section, and so I went to the area with my sizes (I wear an L in this particular dress) and found an L.  And not only did I find the dress in my size, but it had been marked down all the way to $6. 00!! At $6. 00 plus an additional 25% off, I just had to take it.  I knew the dress would fit, but I still wanted to try it on one more time in the fitting room, and so I found the closest fitting room and marched right in.

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