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New Dress from Kohl's

It was surreal to be putting on this dress again knowing I could walk out of the store with it for just $4. 50, and even though I wasn't sure where I would wear the dress, at that price I could wear it once and get my money's worth out of it.  In order to wear this dress properly with a normal bra, I needed to slip out of the bra strap on my left shoulder and tuck it inside the dress, but it's amazing how well the bra still works with just the one strap on the other side.  After situating the dress properly, I just had to take a few more pics of my modeling it in the fitting room.

This dress definitely wasn't designed to wear with pantyhose and boots, so overlook that part in these pics, but it was just so exhilarating knowing that I could get this dress for such a steal.  I didn't have anything else to try on in the fitting rooms, and so after my selfie fun, I needed to put myself back to together and tie my hair back up in a bun.  Just as an aside, if you do go shopping with the intention of trying things on in the fitting room that you pull over your head, just know that it's going to mess up your hair lots, so you will need to prepare for that.

After exiting the fitting room, I put the orange dress over my arm and then headed back to the clearance area to look for some Elle slacks in my size.  I found a few pairs of slacks here and there, but nothing that would work for me darn it.  After feeling as if I had scoured the clearance section sufficiently, I decided to check out because I need to scoot back to work after de-girling myself.

As I usually do when I shop at Kohl's, I check out at the men's registers just because the lines are always so much shorter, and that was exactly the case at this Kohl's today.  As I stood in line, I wanted to take a few selfies, but there were people already queuing up behind me, so it was hard to be discreet.  I did take a photo from down low looking up at my face, but that was as close as I could get.  I still liked how the pic turned out, so here it is.

When it was my turn, I laid the dress down on the counter and produced the 25% off coupon from my purse.  The girl at the registers was very plain looking and definitely not a girlie girl.  When I see women who look as if they are trying to de-emphasize their biological gender, I always think to myself, "Would you be interested in exchanging bodies with me?" Because she was not excited about her gender, she also wasn't excited about talking about my dress.  Usually when you purchase things at department stores, the girls behind the registers are excited to comment on your purchase and say how cute it is.

I was okay with this plain transaction, but I wish that I could have had a bit more girl to girl interaction.  My transaction was taken care of dutifully, and then it was on my way back out to my car.  As I walked out of the store, I took the receipt out of my bag to see how much I saved on the dress.  To make it appear as if you're getting a great deal, Kohl's will always take the actual price paid by the customer and subtract it from the original retail price, and in this case according to Kohl's, I saved $55. 50.

I was a happy girl walking out of that store, and I just had to set up my mini tripod on the back of my car and take a few pictures of me outside in the parking lot holding my purchase.  I also love that I captured another mom exiting the store in the background.  That's exactly the casual outfit I would wear too on a chilly afternoon! complete with knee length boots!  It was a beautiful day, and I had just purchased a beautiful dress, so everything was good in the good in the world, at least for this one afternoon.  : )

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