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Hallmark at the Mall

After my recent shopping trip to the Polo Factory Outlet, I was dying to wear my new skirt out somewhere.  The fabric of the skirt suggests that it was designed for the summer, but the colors seemed more wintry to me, and so I wanted to put together a fun winter outfit with the skirt and then spend a few hours as a girl.

As I was conveying this dilemma to my girl friend Danielle, we were also talking about places I could go wearing the skirt.  It seems as if I'm always doing the same outings in different outfits, and so I wanted to go someplace new.  Finally, Danielle suggested that I go to the Hallmark store in the mall and buy a card for her.  Now I must emphatically state that Danielle's request was not selfish; she has a special occasion coming up, and I was going to get her a card anyway, and so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a fun, new outing.

I already knew that I wanted to wear my new skirt, and as part of a winter outfit, I envisioned wearing it with black opaque tights and black flats, and so the final piece was a fun top to go with the skirt.  I thought the magenta sweater from Ann Taylor I was wearing when I bought the skirt would work, but I already have pictures of me in that outfit from the fitting room, and so I opted to wear the lighter sweater from Ann Taylor in a pretty pink/mauve color.

With my outfit in place, the final piece would be a winter coat since it was way chilly outside with a little bit of wind.  I've already introduced a crème-colored wool coat in some of my previous outings, but for this outing, I wanted to wear a darker coat, and so I chose a navy, wool pea coat that has fun double-breasted buttons.  I rarely get to wear winter coats as it is, so I was excited to wear this outfit to the mall this afternoon.

As I drove to the closest mall near my home, I realized that I had no idea where the Hallmark store was inside the mall. I googled the nearest Hallmark store near me, and the result pointed to the mall somewhere in the second floor, but it didn't say exactly where.  As a result, I decided to park at the Macy's department store and then just walk the mall until I found it.  After parking at Macy's, I set up my phone quickly on the trunk of my car and then slipped into the mall cross dressed as a girl.

Because this was a typical weekday, the mall was not crowded at all, and so I had free reign to shop where ever I wanted. I happened to enter the Macy's in the women's section near the more formal dresses, and so I had fun browsing through the nicer dresses.  I came across a sleeveless dress similar to the Elle sleeveless dress that I purchase just over a year ago, and so I took a quick selfie that you can see below in the middle pic.

After exiting dresses, I just wandered through the women's area slowly working my way towards the mall entrance.  As I was walking and browsing, I came across a place where someone had a bright red bra and panty set that they just discarded on one of the racks.  The bra was still clinging to the top of the rack, but the panties had fallen to the floor, and I just thought the scene was random and funny, so I took another picture in that setting.  In the pic below at right you can see the panties on the floor and the red bra by my right upper arm.

I was tempted by a few things at Macy's, but ultimately I decided to just find the Hallmark and buy Danielle a card. As I walked out into the mall, it was getting warm, so I removed my coat and held it over my arm. There was a fair amount of traffic in the main part of the mall, which can always be unnerving because the walkways are rather narrow, and so you have people coming right towards you. There are also those kiosks set up everywhere with the sales people trying to get your attention, and so I was a bit apprehensive walking the mall crossdressed.

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