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Crossdressed at Hallmark in the Mall

After a few minutes, I realized that I was not getting any reactions, and so I just walked and window shopped as I looked for Hallmark. The more I walked, the more I realized that I couldn't see the Hallmark anywhere, and so I just kept walking towards the other end of the mall. As luck would have it, the Hallmark was the very last store on the second floor completely opposite to Macy's, and so I had to walk the entire length of the mall dressed as a girl passing people every ten seconds or so.

I survived the journey just fine, and I happily entered Hallmark and ventured to the back of the store where they had all of the cards. I wanted to find a card specific for a "sister," and so I found the location for brother/sister and then went to work picking out the perfect card for Danielle. I found a card with a very sweet message, and I wasn't even worried about the price.

There wasn't much else that I wanted to browse for inside of Hallmark, and so I found a matching envelope and then took my purchase to the registers. The layout of the registers in this Hallmark had them in the center of the store, and they faced both ways. Only one girl was working the registers and she was helping someone on the opposite end, and so I waited on the side where they were selling the cards. Nobody gave me any strange looks that I noticed, and the transaction with the girl at Hallmark was very smooth.

Once outside of the store, I really wanted to take a picture in front of Hallmark. Because it was the last store in the mall, they had some orange wicker tables and chairs set up, and so I was able to rest my phone on one of the tables and take a selfie in front of Hallmark. I had hoped to time the picture as a family was exiting the store, but due to the angle of my phone, my body was blocking them entirely out of the picture darn it.

With my Hallmark card in hand, I needed to make my way back across the mall to Macy's and then to my car, but since I had already walked the length of the mall on the second floor, I decided to take the escalators down to the first floor, and waiting for my right at the bottom of the escalators was Forever21.  Forever21 is actually an anchor store at this mall, but it wasn't accessible from the second floor, and I just could resists and had to walk inside and browse a bit.

It took me all of three seconds to realize that I was way too old to be shopping at this store. Way too old. But still, it was fun to look at the racks and racks of clothing aimed at girls who are forever 21. There were actually some way good buys on some tops that I found, but the cut and the messaging, etc. weren't something that a woman closing in fast on 50 would be wearing. I still took about 10 minutes to browse around and wish, and then I managed to sneak in a few selfies as well.

After leaving Forever21, I walked back into the mall and headed towards Macy's looking in the windows of some shops and then just enjoying the stroll otherwise. I passed the Victoria's Secret on the first floor and was tempted to go in, but the last thing I need right now is another pricey bra or pair of panties, so I just window shopped as I strolled on by.

As I was walking, I remembered some advice that Danielle recently gave me, which was to sometimes just take some time to enjoy the moment and not feel as if you have to be creating something for your blog, and so as I neared JCPenney, I decided to sit on a modern-looking round sofa and just take it all in. I pulled out my phone and checked for any updates there, and then I just sat back for about five minutes enjoying the fact that I was crossdressed in the mall wearing a skirt and tights and sitting with my legs crossed on a lime-green sofa.

I did have one nagging thought on my mind and that was the fact that I still needed to report into work sometime during the afternoon, so after my little rest on the sofa, I made my way back to Macy's walking through the department store and out the doors to my car. I really wished I had two more hours just to browse around Macy's and try some things on, but I will just have to leave that fun for another day.

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