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Shopping at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet  (page 3 of 3)

The first blouse had elbow-length sleeves that were raised and reattached to the arm section giving the sleeves a fun lift pattern. This blouse also had a button-down front and then a way cute neckline with spaced-out gathers.  The tie-top in the front was the final cute piece, and so I happily bought this blouse.

The next blouse I tried on was short-sleeved with these darling ruffle patterns sewn around the sleeve area as seen below at left.  I secretly knew that I was taking this blouse even before I tried it on. :  )   One fun story about this blouse...I took a Medium into the fitting room, but it said M P on the tag designating it as a petite item.  I am wearing the M P blouse in the picture below, but when Carrie came back, I asked her to find me just a Medium. She did, and I bought it!

The final blouse (and item) that I tried on was a long sleeve blouse with cute ruffles around the neckline, the waistline, and the bottom of the sleeves as seen above to the right.  This blouse was as girly girl as it gets, but I ended up not taking this one because I felt that I could only wear it for semi-formal occasions.  The first two blouses looked cute even with jeans, and they'll of course look gorgeous with dressy skirts as well, but I just felt that my opportunities to wear the girly-girl blouse in public would be too limited.  I also wanted to stay as close to the $100 mark as I could, and I just felt the previous two white blouses would suit me better.

By the time I removed this last blouse, my hair was an absolute mess, and so I undid my up-do and unclipped my hair altogether and just wore it long and around my shoulders from that point.  When I was all put back together, I took the clothing that I wanted to the cash register, and then Carrie went to work ringing me up.  Because I was paying with an e-Gift card, the actual protocol of applying that gift card to an in-store purchase was a bit complicated, and so Carrie called the other sales girl over to help her figure it out. They finally got it, and while they were concentrating on the gift card, I managed to sneak a picture of the two of them (Carrie's the girl on the left wearing her hair down).  I hope they don't mind. : )

Both ladies were so friendly and so wonderful, and I can't wait to go back to Ann Taylor again. The total for everything bought today amounted to $112 and some change, and so after that generous gift from Karen, I took home my purchases for just over $12. Thank you Karen!!

I can't begin to describe what a fun shopping experience this was. Not only did I have them write my name on the fitting room door, but the two girls--especially Carrie--took such good care of me. I literally skipped all the way out the store and back to my car, but the fun wasn't done yet. I was meeting Danielle in a few minutes for more shopping, but that will have to wait for my next update.

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