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Early Christmas Shopping at Ann Taylor

The next item I tried on was a super cute eyelet dress in magenta as seen below. The dress has a wide neck so much so that when shopping for it, I thought that it might be a dress one could wear pulled down past the shoulders. That wasn't the case when I tried it on, and I loved the look of the dress from the front, but the wide neck was just too bulky in front and the back. It also wasn't a very comfortable dress, and so I ended up not getting it.

The next item I tried on was a super cute blue romper with a thin white check pattern seen above at right.  I've been searching for a romper for a few years, and I thought this one was so darling. I tried on a size 12, but I needed a 10, and so I asked Carrie if she could find a 10 for me. She came back with the bad news, but I bought this dress anyway because it was so cute. I figured that it'd be fine to wear the romper a bit loose, and I can't wait to use the bathroom when wearing it because the only way to do that will be to unbutton the top portion completely. I know, I'm weird.

With the skirt and dresses out of the way, I put my jeans back on in order to try on the sweaters and tops. I wanted to try them on with the skirt, but I gave the skirt back to Carrie to see if she could find a smaller size, and so I lost it. Oh well. The first top I tried on was a mauve sweater with long sleeves that I actually tried on last spring at the Ann Taylor boutique in a local mall.  I didn't buy the sweater then because it was like $70 retail, but I just loved how it fit and looked on me.  I was ecstatic to find the sweater again, and of course I took it.  : )

The next sweater I tried on was the cutest item from the day. It was a bright red knit sweater that buttoned down with three swaths of ruffles running horizontally across the garment. The problem with this sweater was that it was so cute, they knew they didn't have to mark it down.  It was $69.99, and while I did have $100 to spend (and maybe a little bit more), I just couldn't justify buying this sweater this morning as cute as it was and as fun as it looked with jeans.

The sting of losing the previous sweater was all but taken away by this next sweater: a gorgeous magenta knit sweater with a faux waistline and ruffle bell-shaped hem. This sweater fit me perfectly and the bell-shaped hem enhanced my figure unlike I've ever seen before when wearing a single top. In particular, my mouth utterly dropped wide open when I caught a view of how I looked from behind while wearing the sweater. After composing myself, I posed for a few pics from behind just marveling at what the sweater did for my waistline and my overall girly figure. Even if this sweater was marked at $70, I would have taken it, but fortunately, it was marked down to $23.99.  Yay!!

With the dresses and sweaters done, it was finally time to try on the blouses. I chose three different blouses to try on, and they were all coincidentally white. I did consider trying on a few blouses in different colors, but I just have this image that a blouse should be white.

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