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Pictures of Me Crossdressing at Target

One of my all-time favorite stores is Target. The fashions at Target are up to date and comparable to medium-end department stores, and the prices are also very reasonable. Wal-Mart definitely has its place, but I would never buy a pair of shoes there, for example. Target has cute clothes, fashionable shoes, and a wonderful lingerie department. It's no coincidence that when I'm all dolled up and ready to go out into public cross dressed that I often find myself at Target trying on shoes, searching the clearance racks, and strolling through the lingerie section.

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cross dressing in public at Target

If I could describe the summer of 2011 for me and my cross dressing, it would have to be defined by cute tops and short skirts. Now that I'm over 40, I suppose I should be more careful regarding the length of my skirts, but in the summer months when it's hot outside, there is nothing better to wear than a short skirt as they allow my lower half plenty of room to breathe, and they show off my legs, especially when I wear a subtle shade of nude pantyhose. So it's no wonder that I often found myself wearing the denim skirt pictured at right. I've paired it with a fun top from the Gap that has a wide neck and cute puff sleeves. Covering my bra with this top can get tricky, but it's a fairly tight-fitting top, so it really shows my proportions well. As I often do in the summer, I have my hair back in a ponytail, and then I have sunglasses perched atop my head, but I must admit I do this more as an accessory because it's such a fun look, especially with large hoop earrings dangling from my ears. In the summer evenings I often let my hair down, but this is a typical outfit I wear in the summer when spending the evening shopping as I did on this trip to Target.

crossdressing in public shopping at Target

In this picture, I have just come out of Target after spending an hour or so trying on shoes and shopping for bras. It is close to 9 PM, and there was a beautiful sunset going on even though it's not entirely reflected in this picture. I really wanted to get a picture with the pretty sky, so I drove to the end of the parking lot and took a few poses in this top and denim mini-skirt. You can see that I have let my hair down, but I still keep it tucked behind my ears to show off my hoop earrings, and then I treasure that subtle glint on my legs given off by my nude pantyhose.

crossdresser in public trying on shoes at Target

Now that I finally purchased a smart phone, I can find mirrors inside of stores and take a picture of my reflection. Technically, I guess I should have posted this pic beneath my cell phone pictures section, but keeping in line with this page and my public outing to Target, I decided to post it here. In this picture I am trying on the cutest pair of red wedges, and you can see the shelves of shoes in boxes on either side of me. Since the pic is from the front, you can't really see the high wedge heels, but my legs really look good when wearing these shoes. I didn't end up purchasing the shoes since they made me taller than six feet when wearing them, but it was fun to try on different shoes nonetheless. It was also fun to accessorize certain shoes with my basket purse. I easily lose track of time when trying on the endless selection of women's shoes at Target.

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