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Meeting My New Friend, Danielle, in the Park

Danielle, the beautiful crossdresserBy Danielle  ~  I haven't been out as Danielle during the day for over 10 years, so I was worried how I would present to the world, and after weeks of coaching by Lisa on outfits and shopping, I felt I was ready for a future outing when the opportunity suddenly arose.  I got ready in a rented motel nearby and with a firm resolve I left the room and made my way to the car in the parking lot; all went well!

crossdressing friends posing for picturesLisa and I had agreed on a meeting spot in a large park, and I knew where the park was but I had never driven into the park.  Lisa had sent me a Google image of the park and picture of a Gazebo and stream and a description of where to park, so I felt confident finding it.  I was about 20 minutes later than I had hoped getting to the park, so I wasn't sure what to expect wondering if she would be standing in the Gazebo waiting or waiting in her car in the parking lot.

As I arrived, I spotted the Gazebo, but no one was around it.  I pulled into the parking lot where Lisa said to park, and I was surprised that it was also the lot for a pool and recreation building with a small amount of activity and a few people coming and going.  I quickly scanned the parked vehicles, and in one a guy was reading a book; in another a lady seemed to be parked to load the recycle bins; another had a couple sitting in it, but where was Lisa?  I parked in a spot away from the others and grabbed my purse and left the car making sure I had my keys in my hand as I locked the car.

As I crossed the road heading toward the Gazebo I realized that there was an elevation change, and unless I wanted to risk a descent down a short, wet grassy slope in my slippery bottomed sandals, I needed to walk further in a different direction to some stairs. Suddenly, I noticed a blonde girl in a denim skirt walking on a path towards the creek from the opposite direction.
crossdresser walking in the park
I wondered was that Lisa? She was more than a block away, but because of the elevation change I could only look down to her for a few seconds. It seemed kind of like a scene in a movie in the seconds that I took it all in (likely I will pretty crossdresser on the stairsalways remember this event). I headed to the stairs so that I could get on the same path she was on without going down the grass slope, and as I approached the stairs, she had moved closer to me and called out my name, "Danielle!" That was fun as I had never heard anyone call out to me before!

I waved and then carefully negotiated the stairs and we met near the bottom, and as we chatted for a moment she said, "You are only the second girl I have met in person."  What a special experience it is to find another "like us" in real life. Her comment took me back for a few moments.  For me it had been 10 years ago or more since I had met more people than I can count.  Several of the girls I remember, but none I had kept in touch with due to my situation, so I hoped this friendship with Lisa in my own town would last!

Our time together in the park taking pictures of each other, posing for selfies together, and chatting seems like a blip in time. It was certainly a fun and memorable blip in time.

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