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Meeting My New Friend, Danielle, at the Park (Page 2)

a pretty crossdresser in the parkI was so touched by Danielle's account of our meeting, and so I wanted to lead off this diary entry with her words.  It's the first time that I've ever read a first person account that regarded me when I wasn't the first person telling the story, so thank you, Danielle, for your touching words.

As for my side of the story, my intention was to park in the same parking lot as Danielle, but I apparently couldn't follow my own instructions (I am blonde, remember) and ended up turning into the park one road too soon. Luckily, I saw the gazebo and the bridge where we agreed to meet far off in the distance, and so I parked my car and headed for the meeting point.

I too did not see anyone waiting near the gazebo or the bridge, and so I figured that Danielle was waiting in her car. As I scurried to her end of the park, I finally saw this beautiful woman emerge at the top of a hill just as I was crossing the bridge, and so I called out to her in excitement, "Danielle!" Danielle came down the stairs, and I suppose I began chatting her pierced ear off from that very moment in excitement.

At that point, we did what normal girls like us do, which is to find pretty settings for pictures. We found a few fun backgrounds that would work, and so we walked back to the Danielle's car to get her tripod. We had a marvelous time chatting, and yes, we eventually did get around to taking lots of photos.

We probably weren't taking pictures more than a few minutes when three teenagers (a boy and two girls) came walking by who were obviously playing hooky from the nearby high school. We really minded them no business as we took a series of photos in front of these gorgeous flowering trees, and I never got the impression that they thought anything strange of us either.

two girls crossdressed in the parkAfter a few minutes of taking pictures and talking, we climbed a small hill looking for more photo opportunities, and that's when we came across a small bench there at the top of the hill. It was only natural for us to began taking pictures on the bench, and at one point, Danielle changed from her cute capri jeans into a denim skirt right there in the park while I acted as her lookout. With both of us in skirts and suntan pantyhose, we had fun crossing our legs this way and that as we took pictures, and we also tried to take pictures when people would walk close by to show them in the background.

It really was some fun girl time with Danielle, but as the time passed, I noticed we were talking a lot more and taking pictures a lot less, and I think it was a sign of two girls just happy to be in each other's company where they could talk from the heart and know that the other person fully understood. It was just a wonderful experience to get to know this beautiful girl better, and I know both of us are way excited to have made a new friend so close geographically.

Since most of the conversation regarded personal things, I will keep that information private here, but I will post lots more pics of the two us spending a fun afternoon at the park. Thank you, Danielle!!

Click Here for More Pictures of Danielle and Lisa in the Park!

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