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Holiday Lunch at an Upscale Restaurant (page 2)

The other gift was more along the lines of a gag. Our mutual friend, Wendy, suggested that maybe we should all go out and find crazy Christmas sweaters as girls and see who could find the best one.  Wendy made her suggestion rather close to Christmas, and she emailed right after saying "Never mind," but the idea was obviously stuck in Danielle's head because she went out shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater.  In the process, she came across what she dubbed the perfect Christmas sweater for me.  It had the cheesy Christmas design on the sleeves, and then in bold sparkles on the front it read, "Define Naughty."  We both had a good laugh over that sweater, and I have an update coming up shortly where we put it to good use.

In the meantime, our reservations at the New Yorker were for 11:30 AM, and when we entered the restaurant, there were just a few parties already there. Danielle assured me that the crowd would grow significantly as we neared noon, and she was right about that. The hostess who greeted us at the door showed us to a table for two, and I was really pleased to see her wearing a skirt, pantyhose, and red heels. I regretted the fact that I didn't tell her how much I liked her outfit, and that I thought she looked pretty, so I need to learn how not to keep those female feelings in due to a fear of drawing unneeded attention.

After we were seated, it was time to pose for some pictures, and then after the waiter took our drink order, I excused myself to go and use the ladies room. Both Danielle and I agreed that the sooner I went the better because once the restaurant filled up, that would mean more and more ladies who needed to go and powder their noses. The restroom was just as gorgeous as the restaurant, and you can tell when you are in a really nice place when they have towels next to the sink. I took care of my business and then snapped a few pictures along the way, and no other girls came inside while I was there.

After arriving back at our table, the waiter came and took our orders, and I ordered Chicken Fried Chicken while Danielle ordered a Jumbo Shrimp lunch. Like two girls, we agreed that we would share each other's meal half and half with the other girl, and so we used some extra plates to do that. During the course of our lunch, we took lots of pictures and as Danielle predicted, the restaurant filled nearly to capacity. It was kinda fun to go back and look through the pictures because the ones at the start of the lunch showed nobody in the background, but as the afternoon wore on, there were lunch patrons everywhere.

One thing that I thoroughly enjoyed about this restaurant is that everyone was dressed smartly for the occasion. All of the guys were wearing jackets or sweaters, and all of the girls were wearing makeup with nice hair. There wasn't a pair of jeans to be found, and so my wearing the pretty dress and heels fit right in.

Danielle and I enjoyed our conversation not to mention the yummy food, and when we were about done with our meal, I took a red rose out of the small vase on our table and said to Danielle, "Take a picture of me with this rose in my teeth." When we felt the coast was clear, Danielle snapped a few pictures of me with the rose in my teeth, and then she also suggested that I put the rose behind one of my ears. I of course complied, and that rose proved a fun accessory in some of my pics over lunch.

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