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Daring to Wear Short-Shorts in Public

I'm sorry that this blog entry is a day late, but I've been having so much fun spending every possible minute as a girl that I'm neglecting to blog about it in a timely manner. For today's entry, I'll talk about something that I didn't quite dare to do last year but finally had the guts to try this year, and that was to wear my short-shorts out publically. I purchased the denim short-shorts last year from a thrift store, and I absolutely loved the look of them, but this girl is already in her mid-forties, and I just fear that they are to young for someone like me to be flaunting in public. Still, if I bought them, I may as well use them, and so I determined tonight to go and pick up some groceries dressed in my short-shorts and Minnie Mouse tee shirts.

I had some obligations to fulfill after work, and so I wasn't able to get out until about 8:30 PM, which is a nice time to go grocery shopping because most of the other stores are closing up, and I don't like to be rushed when I'm out shopping. As a result, I thought today would be as good of a time as ever to just go super casual and finally try my short-shorts. When I'm without family, I must of course fend for myself, and so that includes eating meals as well. I rarely eat out even as a guy just because I'm not satisfied with most fast food, and if I'm going to go to a restaurant as a girl, I want it to be a sit-down restaurant, but I'm not going alone, so until I arrange a lunch date with another girl, most of my adventures are running basic errands and shopping.

So tonight was the basic errand of picking up a few necessities from the grocery store and finally trying on my short-shorts out in public. My outfit was going to be so casual that it was nice not having to worry about it too much, but I did need to make sure that I chose the perfect bra for the Minnie tee. The graphic on the front is so large that I really didn't have to worry about the presentation of my breasts, but I wanted to get the bra from behind look perfect, and so I selected my favorite white bra from that I purchased over a decade ago now when I came out as a crossdresser to my family to speak that Halloween.

I was really satisfied with the look and feel of my bra with this tee, so I turn my attention to my makeup and hair and decided to just wear my hair long and straight, which I thought would be a nice compliment to the look. It didn't take long to get ready, and just as the sun was going down, this girl was ready to step out into her short-shorts!

I took the usual pictures from the dashboard of my car and then arrived at the grocery store in less than eight minutes. I thought it would be fun to take some pics kind of away from the crowd, and so I parked in the very far corner of the parking lot, set up my camera on the trunk of my car, and started working it right there in the parking lot. It was quite a secluded area, and no one came close to me, so it was fun posing in my short-shorts and Minnie Mouse tee.

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