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Shopping among the Guys at Lowe's

A common thing that happens when families are away and the guy has to stay home is the wife will create a honey-do list for her husband. And in the case of this household, I always get a modest honey-do list. There isn't a lot of pressure on me to finish mine, but I like nothing more than to do the honey-do list shopping as a girl. Granted, hardware stores aren't the most glamorous places to shop, but doing anything as a girl is much better than as a guy, and so I decided to take a trip to Lowe's this evening to start on my honey-do list and work in some girl time as well.

Back in February, I had a few hours to do some shopping and so I visited a thrift store and bought two tops that I could wear with a black bra underneath. I already wore one of the tops in May when I went shopping for Heidi, but I failed to wear a black bra then due to circumstances not worth describing, so for my trip to Lowe's today, I decided to finally wear a chocolate colored top with a black bra underneath, and I was not disappointed with the results.

I had so much fun going out last night in my short-shorts that I thought it would be fun to wear them again with this chocolate top. After I got home from work, I showered and shaved my legs since they would be way visible in the short-shorts, and then I slipped into a black bra and panties. I purchased the bra at the Vanity Fair outlet last year with a pair of matching panties, and it felt great to have my bra and panties match for once1 ;-)  The panties also rose well above the waist of my short-shorts, but I like being able to pull my panties up to my navel line as that helps to create a more natural looking waist.

The outfit was easy since it only consisted of a top and the short-shorts, and so I slipped into those and then grabbed a pair of footsie socks to wear with my red flats with the white polka dots. I mostly let my long hair hand down, but I did use a pair of sunglasses as an accessory. If you pay attention to my earrings, you will also see that I am wearing a new pair. Well, they aren't exactly new, but I came across them at the lost and found section at church and thought they were super cute, and when nobody claimed them for a few weeks, I decided to put them to good use.

The drive to Lowe's was short, but as usual I took some pics from the dashboard of my car that highlight my earrings, and then it was time to go in and shop with the guys and Lowe's. The first order of business was to find the bathroom vanity section so I could take a few selfies in the mirror, and then after that it was off to the lawn sprinkler sections, a department that was quite busy this time of year. I could tell from my pictures in the various mirrors that my look was very good, and so I entered the sprinkler section without too much fear. The gentleman staffing the areas immediately said, "hello ma'am, is there anything that I can help you with?" to which I answered no thank-you with a smile.

I was also very curious to see what kind of looks I would get from the other guys, but I noticed that they avoided eye contact with me. I'm not exactly sure of the reason, but I don't think they could tell I was really one of them. Rather, they probably didn't want to get caught looking at me. I mean, I won't say that I totally rocked those short-shorts, but you could tell that I was wearing a black bra beneath my top, and my figure looked quite good. Another thing that I also notice about short-shorts is that they make your legs look longer. In the pics where I cross my legs at the ankles, I'm surprised at just how long they look, so I have filed that away for future use.

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