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Summer Morning at the Library

During my girl time, I'm not always fully en femme from the neck up. For example, when I need to do some house cleaning or cooking, I am always dressed as a girl, but I don't bother doing full hair and makeup, so I prance around my house in a light skirt and simple top and take care of the domestic duties. I happened to be doing that this morning when I remembered that I had some forms that needed to be filled out by hand, and so I thought it would be fun to take the forms to the library and fill them out there.

There was no way that I wasn't going to the library without the proper hair and makeup because it was a given that I wasn't going to remove my cotton blouse and skirt, and so I scooted to the bathroom mirror and began dolling myself up. Once I was finished, I retrieved my cute red flats with white polka dots and then posed in front of the camera. If you're ever wondering what I wear around the house when doing everyday things, this outfit pretty much sums it up.

My top is a simple cotton blouse by Izod, and if you look really close you can see some embroidery around the shoulders and necklines, and then there are also some fun gathers around the neckline. I'm pairing this blouse with a gray jersey skirt, which is about the most comfortable thing you could wear on your lower half. Not only is this skirt so comfy, but the way it swishes back and forth against my smooth legs with every movement is just divine. Beneath my top and skirt, I was wearing a pair of white Vanity Fair panties with a matching soft cup bra. It's practically the most comfortable outfit ever, and so during a hot summer day, this is usually how I'm dressed.

Once I was satisfied with my hair and makeup, I grabbed my purse, camera, and the envelope with the forms and then headed for the library. It was a beautiful summer day out, but the temperature was near 100 degrees, and so I had the AC blasting the entire way. I still managed to take the usual pictures from the dashboard of my car, and so I'll post one here.

As I neared the library and looked for an open parking space, I noticed a lot of moms and their kids playing in the large park next to the library. This particular park has huge maple trees all around providing needed shade, and it was neat to see all the moms and their little ones scampering around the park. I of course wished that I could join the group of moms chatting in a circle beneath the shade, but that is just one aspect of life that I sadly will never be able to experience darn it. I really wanted to get up close to them and take a selfie with them in the background, but it would have been too conspicuous to have a strange lady approach them only to turn around and take a selfie with them. I did smile to myself at how sweet the whole scene looked, and I did take a selfie from afar with the park in the background.

After longing to be part of the group, it was time to enter the library and find a table where I could fill out the necessary forms. In this particular library, the large room with the tables and individual cubbies for studying are on the second floor, and so I walked through the main entrance without incident or curious stairs and headed to the second floor. Because it was a weekday morning, the library wasn't overly crowded, but there were two girls from the local community college there studying at one of the tables. I probably walked within 10 feet of them, but they really didn't notice anything. Hopefully they simply noticed me walking in and passed me off as just another mom.

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