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Summer Morning at the Library (page 2)

I selected a table about 30 feet from the two college girls, but we were still in the main aisle that separated the shelves of books on either side. I donned my eyeglasses and began filling out the forms and then I also took plenty of selfies while sitting there at the table. I changed seats and took pictures from all angles just to ensure that I would get the best light, and during one photo shoot where I had a timer set to take a series of pics, a boy about 10 years old came darting down the aisle right towards me. Trying not to panic, I carefully grabbed my camera and slipped it back into my purse while it continued to snap pictures.

Within moments, the boy's mom came rushing over to keep her son in tow and order was restored again in the library. Smiling to myself at the scene, I proceeded to fill out the forms using my best girl writing and penmanship. The forms took about 10 minutes, and once they were completed, it was time to focus on my highest priority...taking pictures! The tricky thing about taking pictures in the library is the sound of the camera's shutter clicking away, and so I had to isolate myself a bit between the shelves in order to take some pictures, but it all worked out.

I probably spent a total of 30 minutes in the library filling out my forms and then posing for photographs. Once I was satisfied, I gathered up my things and then walked back down the stairs to the main level. Next to the door was a rack full of various brochures and announcements, and so I perused a few of them before walking back out in the hot summer morning. The moms and kids were still enjoying the shade in the park, and so I found my own quiet place next to the library beneath the tall maples and posed for a few more pics. It was quite a simple outing this morning, but I think I derive the most pleasure by doing these everyday things as a woman, and that includes my simple outfit that consisted of a plain white cotton blouse and a comfortable jersey skirt.

Since I took lots of pictures from the morning, I'll use the rest of this diary entry to post them.

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