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Dinner and a Concert with Karen!

As I talked about a few days ago, my girl friend, Karen, was visiting from out of town, and tonight I had one more opportunity to meet up with her in the heart of the city for some shopping and then dinner. I wanted to come up with another cute outfit for our girl's night out, and so this evening I decided to wear a pretty aqua knit top by DownEast with subtle lace patterns and gathers around the shoulders, and then I paired that with the adorable skirt from Banana Republic that I purchased recently on a shopping trip with Heidi.

As I've blogged before, I can only wear this particular top when I'm super thin, and luckily this summer, my weight is as low as it's been since 1995, so I had no qualms wearing this top tonight over a Warner's bra and then pairing it with the darling skirt. The final touch to my outfit were my white strappy sandals, and I was ready for a night out on the town.

Karen and I agreed to meet at the same hotel lobby, and tonight there was hardly anyone else there. Karen was not in the lobby when I arrived, and so I sat in a chair in the lobby to wait for her. Across the room were two ladies behind the check-in desk at the hotel, and then another blonde girl was sitting on a couch close by talking on her cell phone. I was surprised that I arrived at the hotel first, and then I was even more surprised when I waited and waited with no Karen. Hotel guests came and went as I waited in the lobby, but I suppose I looked like any other blonde girl there waiting for a friend.

a crossdresser in the bathroom of the sheraton hotelAs I waited, I decided to scoot to the women's room again just off the lobby, and so I took care of my business and took a few more selfies from inside of the restroom, but when I came back out and re-entered the lobby, Karen was nowhere to be found. It was about 7:50 PM by this time, and I was getting worried, so I called Karen on my cell phone, and she happily answered, which was a relief. I asked her if she was coming, and she sounded a bit confused that I was already at the hotel, and after talking some more, we learned that Karen was still on her local time and not adjusted to my time zone, and so she thought she still had 40 minutes before our meeting. She quickly apologized and said she'd be right there, and so I exited the hotel and waited for her in the parking lot.

two crossdressers takinga selfie from the fitting room of Ann TaylorAs promised, Karen was there in minutes and tonight we piled into my car and headed for the main shopping center downtown. This particular shopping center closes at 9 PM on weeknights, and by the time we arrived it was after 8 PM, so we definitely needed to hurry in order to fulfill our planned errands. After exiting the car, we boarded the elevator with another gentleman and rode up to the main level. I have shopped here on multiple occasions crossdressed, and so I know my way around this mall quite well, and Karen had also done some shopping of her own before we met up, so we walked straight to our first stop, the Ann Taylor boutique!

I mentioned earlier that Karen is one of the kindest girls I know, and as part of her generosity, she presented me with an Ann Taylor gift card for Christmas, and the amount of the gift card was not small bless her heart. With the gift card in hand, we gladly entered Ann Taylor and began shopping for me. It was so fun to have another girl by my side to give her opinions, and it seemed that we focused mainly on blouses and tops. After searching nearly half the store, we finally had two blouses in hand: one was a simply blouse in white with a pretty yet simple v-neck front and keyhole back, and then we also had a more girlie blouse in black with fun ruffles around the neck and shoulders.

We made our way to the fitting room, and I invited Karen inside with me. I've noticed as I've shopped at various department stores that girls shopping together have no qualms about entering the fitting room together, and since we are both girls, I had Karen come inside to provide her opinions on the blouses, and I can definitely say after the fact that I valued her insights regarding the two blouses.

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