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Dinner and a Concert with Karen (Page 2 of 3)

crossdressed at the parkAs Karen and I were planning for our meeting, I recommended a hotel for her in the downtown area, and the plan was to meet her in the lobby at 5:30 PM for dinner and then the concert. After Karen checked into the hotel, she said that there was heavy construction going on and there really wasn't a place for two girls to meet, and so she proposed that we meet in the lobby of a separate hotel one block north. That was fine with me, and so we firmed up our plans and were both looking forward to a wonderful time together.

crossdressed in Ann TaylorPart of the fun when meeting another girl for an evening on the town is planning the outfit, and so for tonight's outfit, I decided to wear a pretty lavender top with puff sleeves by--you guessed it--Ann Taylor, and then I matched that with a full, flowery skirt by DownEast. While I desperately wanted to wear pantyhose with the skirt, I opted instead to show off my pedicure, and so I settled for my white strappy sandals, which would have been the choice for 99% of the girls in my same position.

Because I had to work during the day, I was forced to transition in my car, but everything went smoothly, and I made it downtown right at 5:30 PM. I pulled into the Sheraton hotel and noticed quite a few people coming and going, and I actually thought that would be better for us since we wouldn't stick out as much. Ironically, this hotel was also going through a bit of construction, but I worked my way to the lobby through the crowds and recognized Karen the instant I saw her. Due to the crowds, I didn't call out to her across the room, but I gave her a frantic wave and she quickly reciprocated. We enjoyed an impromptu hug and then complemented each other on our outfits, and off we went for part 1 of our evening, dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.
crossdresser eating dinner in a busy restaurant
Karen was so kind to let me pick the restaurant, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other's company as we drove for a few city blocks, parked the car, and then walked the last few blocks to the restaurant right in the heart of town. A crossdressed using chopsticksgentleman probably around the age of 25 greeted us at the door and showed us to our seats, and there were only two other parties in the restaurant when we were seated. That would change quickly, however, because during the course of our meal, the restaurant filled up nearly to crossdressed on main streetcapacity. Karen and I were talking about it later, but neither of us noticed any strange looks or glances, and we were treated as the two women we were.

Karen ordered a fun chicken dish with lots of vegetables, and I ordered Lo Mein. It turned out that Karen made the correct choice, and while my Lo Mein was yummy, there was enough piled on the plate to feed both of us with leftovers. As we ate our food, we talked the entire time, mostly about the sites that Karen had seen in my home state since arriving a few days earlier. Through the ordering process and throughout the meal, there was never a lull in our conversation, and we were just two good friends there enjoying dinner together. Karen was a doll and picked up the check, and then it was off to the outdoor concert.

My city hosts a series of free outdoor concerts in the park, and the act featured tonight was called SunShade N' Rain. They consist of a trio of men who formed nearly 50 years ago, and when they began singing the first number, they sounded exactly like the group that sings the theme song to Gilligan's Island. They were a very talented group, and the evening was quite enjoyable.

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