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Jogging Crossdressed as a Girl (page 2)

I decided to start my jog at a nearby park with lots of scenic areas around that are great backgrounds for taking pictures. One day, I want to dress into a super cute outfit and do a photo shoot at this park, but for this morning, I would have to settle for my wife's workout gear. After stretching a bit as seen in the pic on the last page, it was time to set out for my jog. I made sure to carry my cell phone with me...something I normally wouldn't do, but I wanted it along for this trip so I could document my workout as I went.

About two minutes into my jog, I ran into the first person of my morning, an older gentleman who was approaching me from the opposite direction. I was really excited to say hello to him, and after we exchanged pleasantries, I thought it would be fun to take a selfie every time I said hello to them. If everything worked out, I would take the selfie with the person I just greet jogging away from me in the back ground. It was a bit tricky to find the right camera angle at first, but I ended up taking 19 different selfies in all with people in the background. I also took a few selfies in pretty locations along the trail, and it was just a lovely morning that was particularly easy to enjoy while dressed as a girl.

After running for about a mile, I decided to turn back and head back to my starting place, and as I went, I continued to take selfies of people whom I said hello to. During this trip back, I actually said hello to an older lady who lives on my street. She and her husband are retired and are old enough to be my parents, and as a result, we are only acquaintances and not super good friends, but we are still on a know-name basis, so it was interesting to say hello to my neighbor Beverly.

The closer I got to the park where I started, I could tell that I needed to go potty, and there was a facility there for people who enjoy the park to use the restroom. These particular restroom are very nice and actually heated! I didn't need a heated restroom in the summer time, but that just illustrates how nice they are. As I approached the restroom, I didn't see anyone go in or out, so I walked straight to it and then walked right in. I found myself in an empty restroom, and so I paused to take a few selfies in the mirror. I also tried to take a selfie of what I look liked from behind my my car keys tucked into the back of my skort, but then I realized that I needed to take care of my business and exit quickly.

As I sat down to tinkle, I thought it would be fun to take another selfie, and as I stretched out my arms, I immediately thought, "Whew, girl, you need a shower!" After pulling my panties and skort back into place, I washed my hands and then exited the restroom just as an older lady was approaching with her dog. She was trying to get her dog to stay while she entered the bathroom, so I was that close to encountering another lady in the restroom. I said good morning to her and then walked towards my car. As I did so, there was a new group of moms in a circle stretching before their run. I listened to their lively conversation and longed to be a member of such a group, but at least I was able to experience what it's like to jog as a girl, something I will definitely do again.

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