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Getting My Oil Changed En Femme...Again!

There's just something about a new look whether it's a change in one's hairstyle or a new outfit that just makes a girl burst with excitement and want to show the world how feminine she is. Well, I suppose this was the case for me this morning as I needed to run a legitimate errand that would involve entering an environment just crawling with guys...who also happen to reek of motor oil. :-)

So I drive this really old car because I'm a practical girl, and it still runs great, and I get really good gas mileage. Well, I can always tell when it's time to change the oil for this car because when I speed up real fast or make a sharp turn, the oil sloshes in a particular direction, and then it makes my check oil light come on ever so briefly. The light turns off after I drive on a straight course again, but it's this quirky way befitting of a blonde that tells me when it's time for new oil.

Well, it just so happened that my oil light started to come on just in time for my next outing as a girl, and so I had a tough decision to make. I of course could have and probably should have taken care of this errand dressed like a guy, but I just couldn't help myself; I wanted so badly to get out into the real world as a girl even if it meant getting my oil changed en femme, and so I decided this morning that I would once again make the trek to Jiffy Lube cross dressed as a girl.

I have gotten my oil changed as a girl before, and everything went smoothly then, but when you go into an auto shop like that, there are so many variables that a girl just can't control. She doesn't know how many other customers will be there; she doesn't know how perceptive the mechanics will be; and her escape vehicle is all tied up in the mechanic's bay. Despite all of these cons, I just couldn't bare the thought of not going as a girl, and so after my morning shower where I shaved my armpits and legs, I headed to my walk-in closet for the perfect outfit to wear.

I've really been enjoying my cold weather outings of late because it allows me the freedom to dress in warmer fashions, and so I wanted to look cute today but no overbearing. Since I would arrive at the oil place a little bit before 10 AM, I didn't think I could pass for the working girl, and so I decided to dress as the mom out running errands after dropping off her kids at school. Such an outfit would likely call for jeans, and so I decided to wear my new blue jeans with my long black boots. I was excited at the prospect of crossing my legs like a lady in the lobby wearing my boots, and while no one would be able to see what was on underneath, I just had to wear a pair of pantyhose beneath my jeans and boots.

As for my top, I wanted to do another fun combination where I layer a cropped sweater over a summer top, and so I chose my short-sleeve perfect tee from Old Navy in peach layered beneath my cropped sweater in heather gray. I really love this tee because it emphasizes my bra underneath, and I felt that if I was going to risk an outing with nothing but guys around, I wanted to look as legitimate as possible by having passable breasts with the perfect bra underneath.  I think we all know where guys' eyes tend to wander, and so if I can look great with the perfect bra encapsulating my breasts, it's a major plus to my look for the day and helps me pass more easily.

With my outfit decided, the final touch was my hair, and I just had to wear it long with the gentle curl again, and so I parted it slightly to one side and then let it hang down with the curls caressing my shoulders. After popping in my large hoop earrings, I paused for a few pics in front of my full-length mirror hoping the guys at Jiffy Lube would be impressed with the final result.

I was nervous as I made the eight minute drive over to Jiffy Lube, and as I passed by the front of the store, there was one car in a bay and then two bays open. If all of the bays were full, I'm pretty sure I would have just driven on by and abandoned my plan, but with little activity going on, I took a deep breath and drove to the back of the shop where my tires ran over that black cord making the clinking noise. One of the guys whose name was Duaine rushed out and asked me what I needed. I told him an oil change, and so he told me to pull up to the closest bay and leave my keys in the ignition.

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