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2017 Holiday Photo Shoot

In my previous outing, I talked about enjoying an amazing lunch outing at an upscale restaurant in the city.  It was wonderful to wear my new dress with pantyhose and heels, and it was an adventure that I will never forget.  But the fun didn't stop with just that lunch.  Tis the season to enjoy holiday decorations and to also cross dress for Christmas and New Years, and so after my lunch date with Danielle, we decided to visit the Grand Hotel in our city and do a photo shoot with some of the fun Christmas displays they had set up on the main floor of the hotel.

Since parking at the hotel is difficult, we decided to park across the street and then walk to the hotel, and as a result, we needed to prepare for the elements a bit.  The weather outside was extremely chilly, and there was also a brisk north wind blowing in our next storm, and so I bundled up in my coat with the hood up to keep my hair somewhat in place, and then I changed out of my heels and into a pair of knee-length high-heeled boots.  I thought the boots were a fun addition to my dress and suntan nylons, and I was just happy to still be able to walk around the city in heels.

The walk to the hotel was super cold, and I had to have Danielle help me with the hood of my coat and hair, but we made it in one piece fortunately, and as I walked towards the steps of the hotel, Danielle took a few pictures from behind and then a few of me standing on the stairs. After entering the hotel, the first order of business for me was to find the nearest restroom and fix my hair. Fortunately, I brought along a hairbrush in my purse, and so I just needed a few minutes again to primp and fuss in front of a mirror.

We found the ladies room, and the inside was so gorgeous it nearly took my breath away. The color of the restroom was a pastel yellow, and then the flooring was a gorgeous black and white tile pattern. The sinks were gorgeous and there were double mirrors everywhere allowing me to look at myself well into the future. : )  After fixing my hair, I couldn't help but to take a selfie in front of the double mirrors. As I exited the bathroom, Danielle was there with her camera to take another pic as I exited, and then it was off to the holiday displays in the hotel.

The hallways and lobby of the hotel were vast, and we had to walk a bit to find all of the displays, and as we did so, we encountered numerous groups of people bustling here and there, but no one seemed to suspect that I wasn't a woman. Believe me, coming off of that fancy lunch, the last thing I was worried about was being read, and so Danielle and I set about to find the pretty displays, and we also looked for other fun opportunities to take pictures in the hotel. It felt so good to be wearing my dress inside such a gorgeous hotel, and the pantyhose and long boots were just icing on the fruit cake.

After we took some fun pictures in my dress and boots, we thought it would be fun if I changed into my "Define Naughty" Christmas sweater. Danielle didn't tell me the specifics of the sweater before she presented it to me, but she was quite adamant that I bring along my black knee-length skirt to change into after our lunch outing. Once I opened the sweater, it all made sense, and so after parading around the hotel in my dress and boots, I slipped into the gorgeous restroom one more time and changed into the ugly Christmas sweater and my black knee-length skirt.

When I walked into the bathroom, the cleaning maid was actually busy inside straightening things out and doing this and that. I wonder if she noticed my walking in wearing that floral dress and then coming out in a new sweater and skirt.  As I exited the bathroom, I purposefully avoided eye contact and just exited with a smile on my face.  In my new outfit, we focused the majority of our photo shoot near and around Santa Claus although I did slip into a hat shop to try on a pretty red, velvet hat.

I think at this point, it's best to let another photo gallery tell the entire story, so click the link below to see pictures of me wearing my outfits and knee-length boots in the Grand Hotel and discussing the definition of the word "naughty" while sitting on Santa's lap:

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