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Photo Session with Heidi

I must apologize for the huge delay in getting this latest blog entry written, but I simply haven't had the time to pick out the best photos, crop and resize them, and then type up my account of the adventure. One thing that I've hopefully conveyed sufficiently on this website is that I'm a parent first and foremost and that I never sacrifice family time in favor of girl time. I think about experiencing life as a girl every day and usually every night in my dreams, but I will only take advantage of girl time when I am alone, and the rest of the family is on vacation, visiting relatives, or traveling for the day due to a ball game, band recital, etc.

While my family has not been away the last few weeks, as we near the end of the school year and as spring sporting activities are at their peak, I simply haven't had time to sit back and collect my thoughts to the point where I could produce a new blog entry.  I'm really sorry for the the delay, and everyone has been so sweet asking if I'm okay in emails, and I'm happy to say that everything is just fine with me, and hopefully the contents of this entry and the pictures will make the wait worth it.

As you know by now, I spent a wonderful few hours with Heidi Phox earlier this month, and it was the first time that I have ever met another t-girl face to face. I've already about our shopping trip together at the Vanity Fair outfit, but there was one more peace to our afternoon that I had been saving. Before our meeting, Heidi and I discussed several things we could do like shopping, lunch, photo sessions, etc. and we decided that it'd be fun to try out a photo session in a park or other scenic place. We were a bit pressed for time after our shopping, and so we decided to scurry over to a nearby park and see if we could come up with some fun photos.

I had already taken a sneak peak in my phone of the photos we took at Vanity Fair, and I didn't like the different lines that were formed on my torso by the chocolate top with lots of ruffles I was wearing, and so I decided to change into my new red cotton top from Elle that I had purchased earlier in preparation for our park photos. Once Heidi and I arrived at the park, I quickly changed tops in the women's restroom (thankfully the doors were unlocked) but didn't take any pictures there because using the ladies room at the park isn't daring enough to warrant a selfie. :-)

After I emerged from the restroom, I grabbed my tripod, camera, and remote control for my camera, and Heidi and began looking for some fun places to take pictures. On one end of the park there were some tennis courts, and there were a few guys out enjoying and afternoon of tennis, and we flirted with the idea of taking pics nearby with them in the background but decided not to because we wanted more scenic pics, and we all know from firsthand experience that guys are not scenic!  We would also get our chance to take a pic with guys in the background later on as I'll document on the next page.

As we walked this way and that around the park, the sun was out and the temperature was perfect; however, the wind was blowing like crazy and really doing a number on my hair. I hadn't had the benefit of doing my hair in front of a mirror all morning, and I had also forgotten to bring my hairbrush along, so I was really having a bad hair afternoon. This would have been the perfect time to pull my hair back into a ponytail or create a cute updo, but I just wasn't prepared to do that, so I had to just accept the fact that my hair wouldn't be perfect in any of my pics, but you know...a bad hair afternoon dressed as a girl is a lot better than anything else as a guy, so I decided to just grin and bear it. :-)

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