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The Wicked Witches of the West

Several weeks ago I got an email from Heidi Phox with a few dates in October where she was available to dress, and as I checked my calendar, I found a date that would work for me as well, and so we began to plot our next outing together. In our area is a small commercial village that consists of shops and boutiques that totally cater to women, so for the month of October, they adopt a witches theme and organize various activities for women and girls that encourage them to dress up like witches. They also go to great lengths to decorate the grounds with Halloween themes that of course focus on witches, and so Heidi suggested that we both dress up as witches and visit the village for a grand photo shoot.

I thought it was a wonderful idea because I've visited that village before with my wife, and while guys have to pretend to be bored when they go there, I love that place and couldn't wait to finally visit it as one of the girls. The idea of putting together a witch costume also sounded intriguing and fun, and so I was in total agreement with Heidi that we should dress as witches and visit the village for our next adventure together.

As for my costume, I would have to put something together from scratch, and so I dressed en femme and visited the local Halloween City to find a witches costume (I'll blog about that outing next), and while all of the witch dresses seemed to be the same and run of the mill, I found a great pair of spider web pantyhose to wear with the witch dress that really got me excited. You also never see a witch who isn't wearing a pair of black heels, and so I was super thrilled to be able to wear my black leather pumps with the witch costume and spider web pantyhose. When it comes to height, I am right on the border at about 180 CM, and so I rarely wear heels in pubic, but I figured with the pointy hat and the costume in general, nobody would be gauging my height, so with a little bit of prompting from my girl friend Danielle, I stepped out into public in three inch heels...and they felt great!!

On the day of our planned outing, I really felt like a little girl waking up on Christmas morning, and it was so exciting to get ready knowing that I had to meet Heidi at a certain time. It's one thing to have the entire morning to yourself and fuss about clothes, makeup, and hair for an hour or more, but when you have to meet another girl friend at a specific time, you have to shower, shave, and then get the makeup and hair right on the first go-around because there simply isn't time to redo anything. It was also fun to have the perfect black bra and panty set on hand because the thin fabric of this costume certainly required black lingerie on underneath. :-)  Luckily, I had also gone through a dress rehearsal with Danielle on web cam the night before, so I was ready.

As I drove to the village, I actually wore a pair of black flats because it has been awhile since I've driven in heels, but it was so fun to actually open the car door there in the parking lot and then change into my heels when I met Heidi. After pulling on my pointy hat, we girls were ready to go, and so we grabbed our purses, tripod, and camera, and then we set off into the village as two gorgeous witches if I do say so myself. ;-)

Due to work obligations, Heidi and I decided to meet early in the morning, and so there weren't a lot of people milling around the village. The vendors from the various shops were out and about setting up; there were grounds crew people on hand prepping for the day; and there were a handful of other groups doing photos shoots just like Heidi and me. And while we crossed paths with several different groups of people, nobody seemed to bother us nor do I think anyone suspected we were anything but two girls dressed as witches. At one point, the proprietor of a shop called the Hocus Pocus saw us taking photos with the tripod and said, "Come take a picture in front of the Hocus Pocus." To be fair, there were other store fronts set up better than the Hocus Pocus, and so the two witches did not grant the gentleman's request, but he should be grateful that we didn't cast a spell on him either. :-P

Heidi and I probably spent an hour searching for the perfect backgrounds and settings for our pictures, and we especially made sure to take photos with all of the other witches set up as props on the grounds. As we ended the photo session and headed back to the parking lot, we passed a young mother pushing a baby stroller up the sidewalk with two other small girls in tow. Heidi and I were walking down the sidewalk, and so a direct encounter with this party was inevitable. I watched the mother's face directly, and she didn't really look us in the eye, but the two little girls behind her just stared at us with that look of fascination and a bit of trepidation as they hopefully thought to themselves, "Oh, look at those two real witches!"

The details of our morning as witches is best described with the pictures themselves, so click the link below to view 26 pictures of Heidi and I posing as witches at the special Halloween village!

Click here to see the complete photo gallery of Heidi and Lisa dressed as witches

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