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Halloween Lunch Crossdressed with Two Girl Friends

eating lunch on Halloween crossdressed as a womanAs I detailed in my previous blog entry, I met up with two of my special girl friends on Halloween for a photo shoot. Well, we couldn't let the fun stop there with just a the photo shoot, so we decided to go out as three girls for lunch as well. I was having way too much fun in my Minnie Mouse costume, and so I left my ears in place and just went to the restaurant still in costume.

a crossdresser on Halloween ordering at a restaurantBecause the two Danielles are still working on their girl voices, we decided that I would order for the three of us, and so as we entered the restaurant, we examined the menu board on one wall and decided on what we would like to eat. Once decided, I walked up to the counter to order while one of the Danielles stealthily recorded the transaction on video.

The restaurant we chose was a yummy barbecue place, and so I ordered the meats and sides that we wanted and then an iced tea for the other Danielle. The girl who took my order was in her early twenties at most, but there was no negative reaction from her whatsoever, and the transaction was quite smooth. When finished, the girl gave me a cup for the iced tea and then a number that we would put on our table, and just like that, we all sat down and waited for our food.

The first things girls like us do when waiting for anything is to pull out our phones and snap pictures, and I took some darling pictures of the two Danielles as we waited posted below . When it was Danielle's turn to take a picture of me sitting at the table, I was having issues with the sun reflecting off of the windshield of a truck in the parking lot shining directly onto my face, and so ultimately, we decided to change tables and move to a cozy area closer to the fountain drinks and the restrooms.
two men crossdressed as ladies for Halloween in a restaurant
By the time we got to the restaurant, the lunch hour was winding down, but there were still four or five parties already eating lunch in the dining area, but I didn't notice any reactions from the other people, and the other Danielles said they couldn't detect anything either.

In time, our order came, and we had a marvelous time eating lunch together. I noticed during lunch that our table was a bit quiet, and going out with the two Danielles made me realize the importance of having a voice when going out in public to places that may require you to speak.  I've been read before at Victoria's Secret because a helpful sales girl wanted to engage me in dialog, but I just couldn't respond to her properly.  And the same holds true when purchasing something at the cash register or ordering food.  Having a voice opens up lots of doors.

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