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Halloween Lunch Crossdressed with Two Girl Friends

Furthermore, if three girls go out to lunch, you would expect their table to be the loudest in the dining area, and so to cover, I made sure to keep talking to the other Danielles so that we weren't enveloped in dead silence. Hopefully the other girls weren't bothered by that, but I wanted us to appear as normal as possible in all facets of our presentation.

Before and during our meal, both Danielles needed to use the restroom, and neither of them had any issues in doing that. Of course, no other girls were in the restroom when they went in, but it was still fun to have them experience the thrill of using the ladies room when dressed as a girl. In the case of this particular restaurant, which was an Australian barbecue place, the label on the girl's room read SHEILA. So, there we were: three Sheilas enjoying a wonderful barbecue lunch!  : )

One incident that made the three of us feel super good is that near the end of our lunch, a party of three entered the restaurant that consisted of an older mother, her daughter, and then her small grand daughter, who turned out to be quite a handful. By the time they came, there were only about two other parties in the dining area, and there were two dozen tables open for them. It turns out that they chose a table just two away from us, and I would think that if they saw as as three weirdos, they would have stayed as far away as possible. They sat close by us, however, and not at any time did they give any indication that they suspected anything about us.

When we were finished with our lunch, it was time to call it a day darn it. I needed to go into work, and the non-visiting Danielle needed to take care of some business as well, and so we wrapped up our Halloween festivities with a fun barbecue lunch. I promised the visiting Danielle that I would take her dress shopping later that night although I couldn't be in my Minnie Mouse costume for that, but we were still looking forward to another fun outing.

In the meantime, here is a fun video I put together documenting our day crossdressed as girls on Halloween.


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