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Shopping for Summer Dresses at Kohl's

Whenever I get this time alone to be girl, I always like to think of a crowning adventure to conclude my girl time, and two years ago, my favorite musical, Wicked, came to town, and so I had a lot of fun shopping for a dress and shoes to wear to Wicked. Well, as luck would have it, Wicked has made its return to my city, and the running dates happen to fall during my girl time (yay!), so I will be going to Wicked again on my final night of girl time.

Last time I wore a really cute little black dress from Ann Taylor that I found at a thrift store for $10, but a girl cannot wear the same dress twice to the same event can she? The obvious answer is no, and so I've spent some time lately thinking about a new outfit that I could wear to Wicked. I already have a few candidates from my existing wardrobe including a black lacy top with black pencil skirt and black heels that I wore to do a billiards photo session last year. I also adore that navy fold skirt I bought at Old Navy a few days ago and think a nice summer blouse would look good with it if I want to go for a more casual look. Like any girl, I have yet to make up my mind, but tonight as I drove past my local Kohl's, I saw the most adorable summer dresses in the front window, and so I pulled into the parking lot to have a look.

My intention was not to shop at Kohl's today, and I actually ran a few other errands that I will blog about later because I want to devote this article to my experience at Kohl's and some of the fun pics I took in the fitting rooms, and so my outfit wasn't exactly the type of clothing someone might wear to shop for dresses in the Junior's section, but oh well. I just had to wear one of the pieces that I purchased at Old Navy yesterday, and I chose the perfect tee in peach. This tee is great for the summer as the fabric is light and thin, so it also requires the perfect bra underneath. I chose my Body by Victoria bra in white that I purchased a few winters ago and loved the results when worn beneath this top.

As for my bottom half, I decided to wear a skirt that I purchased a few years ago by American Eagle that is primarily yellow and has layers of vertical folds that make it so cute. I noticed when I pulled out all of my clothing and laid it on my bed on day 1 that I just have too much. Now, if I could transition and live full time as a girl, I would do so, and I'd probably need even more clothing than I have now, but for someone who dresses about 30 days out of the year, I have more than is practical. I've decided to take a load of my clothing back to the thrift store, and so I've carefully gone through my things in order to decide what I need and what I will no longer wear. I think that this skirt is on the border, and so I thought I would wear it out tonight to see if I still liked it enough to keep it.

Anyway, along with my peach top and layered skirt, I decided that I would sneak on a pair of pantyhose for the first time this summer, and since I was shopping in the evening, I figured I would be able to do so without much notice. I chose silky sheer nylons in a nude shade and then completed my look with my black ballet flats. Since the weather outside was fairly cool for a summer night in the desert, I figured that I would just wear my hair long and straight.

Ok, so back to those dresses in the window at Kohl's. The dresses were actually on display in the Junior's department, and while I really love browsing in the Junior's section just to imagine what it would be like to be a teenage girl, I don't recall ever having purchased anything from there. Still, those dresses were so darling that I just had to sling my purse across my shoulder and head through the doors.

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