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Shopping for Summer Dresses at Kohl's (page 2)

Now, my size in Juniors is XL unless the garment is a particularly large cut (I would find that out later), so I was a bit limited to what I could actually try on in the store. I probably spent 15 minutes looking through all of the racks, and I found two dresses that I would consider wearing to Wicked, and both happened to be white and sleeveless. There were a few other styles as well that I could have fit into, but I didn't like the design of some and then others were completely strapless, something that I don't have confidence to wear just yet. I did find two pretty dresses, however, that I wanted to try on, and so I scooped them up and headed for the nearest fitting room which happened to be in the Junior's section. I was a bit apprehensive going into the fitting room reserved for teenage girls, and there was one other girl inside, but with no mom guarding the door, I felt it would be natural to walk into the closest fitting room available and so I did.

Immediately I noticed that the stalls in the fitting room in the Junior's section were much larger and that figured as I'm sure teen girls would tend to bring in a lot more clothing, especially when they were shopping for back to school. I like the space, however, and quickly settled in removing my peach top, skirt and shoes. I pulled on the first dress and immediately loved it, which was good news because I still had one more to go. This dress has a rounded neckline, plain bodice, a very high waist (which is good for girls like us ;-), and boho type skirt on the lower half. It was an extremely comfortable dress and covered up my breasts nicely. I enjoyed the view of my bra from behind in the dress, and the straps were wide enough to easily cover my bra straps.

The second dress was a bit fancier and was layered with the outer layer consisting of a pretty lace design. The neck came down very close to the middle of the breasts and actually highlighted my cleavage. This dress also had a very high waist and ended just a little bit higher than the first dress I tried on. Just for fun, I took another selfie of me bending over just a bit to reveal just how pretty this dress makes my bust line appear. The one feature I didn't like about this dress was the empty back. Having the band of my bra show through the back is tacky if worn out, and while that part could have been adjusted, I just felt the dress was too open for me to be comfortable. I loved how I looked in this dress from the front, but the back was not flattering for someone of my figure in my opinion. Remember, these dresses came from the Junior's section and are designed for girls 30 years younger than me with prettier skin and much better figures. It was still fun posing in both dresses, and I must have taken 20 total pictures in the fitting room, but I decided it would be best to wait since I still have time to decide before I attend Wicked.

I put both dresses back on their hangars and took them back to the racks instead of hanging them up in the fitting room. I wanted to remember where I put them so when I came back I could find them easily. After replacing the dresses, I walked over to the lingerie section to view the racks of bras and panties on clearance. I have such a nice collection of bras, and I wear most all of them on a regular basis, and sometimes you can find absolute jewels among the clearance racks. I did find a pair of Vanity Fair panties in a really pretty emerald color just in my size, and so I quickly snapped a picture with them and then replaced them on the rack. I thought it would be awkward to go into Kohl's and buy a single pair of panties for $2 off of the clearance rack, so I decided to come back and get them when I purchased something else.

I thought about visiting the shoe department, but I wanted to choose a dress first so I can match the shoes to the dress, and since I had other errands to run, I left Kohl's without making a purchase, but I have no problem just browsing in a store because it's always fun to have an excuse to come back later to purchase something. So far, my dress shopping is off to a great start, and I can't wait to see what the next week or so will bring, especially as I shop for the perfect outfit for Wicked.

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