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My New Christmas Blouse!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and I further hope that 2016 is a splendid year for all of us girls. Prior to Christmas, I was just dying to get out en femme and either do some shopping or at least do a fun Christmas photo shoot, but some unexpected occurrences caused me to abort those plans, and so I had to be content with underdressing panties and pantyhose on the super chilly days and then sneaking on a bra beneath my boy clothes whenever I could. It has taken me a few weeks in 2016 to finally find some girl time where I could go out in public completely en femme, so when the window of opportunity opened for me today, I happily took it.

One fun thing about Christmas shopping is that it's so easy to look at women's things even when dressed as a boy. About 10 days before Christmas, I went to the thrift store as a boy to pick up a book that I knew would be there, and as I walked back to the section where they shelve the books, I made sure to use the aisle that borders the women's section. I took some mental notes as I scurried along just in case anything cute popped out at me. On my way to the back of the store, I didn't notice anything right away, but after finding my book and returning down the same aisle from the opposite direction, I noticed a darling blouse that immediately caught my attention. This blouse was hanging on a rack with other blouses, but it was displayed in the very front. I don't see how a girl could walk past it and not at least do a double-take.

The blouse itself was extremely sheer, but it had this darling swath of ruffles starting from the neckline and running down the area in front where it buttons up. There was also a pretty little tie in front tied into a fun bow, and I immediately fell in love with it. I wanted a second look at the blouse, and so I retraced my steps a bit as if I had forgotten something, so I could walk past the blouse again and admire it from a distance. Without skipping a beat--literally, I removed the blouse from the rack in perfect stride on my second pass as I headed towards the registers to purchase my book. The tag on the blouse read Old Navy, and the size was in Medium. I can usually fit into size M at Old Navy, and just by looking at this particular blouse, I knew it would fit me, and so I marched right on up to the registers and put down the book...and the blouse!!

As far as the boy working the registers knew, I was buying this blouse for a pretty girl, and if that's what he thought then he'd be right!! In all seriousness, once I had the blouse in my hands walking out of the store, I couldn't wait to wear it for a photo shoot. I decided that I would wear it beneath my red cardigan and then pair that with my short gray skirt, black patterned tights, and my black knee-length boots and take some fun Christmas photos. I had scouted an area several weeks before with a gorgeous display of Christmas lights, and so my plan was to leave work early, transform in my car, and then take the photo shoot at dusk when the Christmas lights came on. As mentioned previously, some circumstances beyond my control led to my cancelling of that photo shoot, and so when I had about an hour today open up, I decided to wear my Christmas outfit and finally do a photo shoot. Who cares that it was three weeks late and in the middle of the day?!

As I dressed for the photo shoot, I debated on whether or not to wear a camisole or slip beneath my new blouse, but I ultimately decided against it since I would wear my red cardigan over the blouse, and I didn't want that extra layer on underneath. After dressing into just the blouse and skirt and then stepping into my tights, I took a few pictures before finally covering myself with the red cardigan. As you can see from these photos, the blouse itself is very sheer, and as tempted as I'll be in the future not to wear a layer between this blouse and my bra, I will have to come up with something when I wear this blouse out shopping. No girl in her right mind would ever wear this blouse just over a bra unless she was clubbing or something and really wanted to make a statement. From the front, you could probably get away with it in most circumstances, but not from the rear.

Anyway, after taking a few pics in front of my full length mirror, it was time to don the red cardi and then head out for my photo shoot. Since it was still before noon, there of course would be no Christmas lights to pose in front of, and so I headed for a nearby park that has a rock amphitheater and some fun surroundings perfect for taking pictures. As I drove to the park, I managed to take a few selfies from the dashboard, which turned out okay. One of the hardest things to do in the winter time is to take good pictures in the low daylight, but in the end, I had a few that really turned out fun.

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