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Christmas Crossdressing Photo Shoot

Christmas time is usually such a busy time of year that I am unable to cross dress as a girl and venture out into public. This year, however, I have the perfect accomplice in Danielle who has made it so much easier for me to manufacture girl time, and the two of us really wanted to dress up as girls and do a fun Christmas photo shoot at a small shopping village nearby that was decorated for Christmas. This is the same village where I've done Halloween photo shoots in the past with both Danielles and Heidi, and I thought it would be super fun to finally do a photo shoot crossdressed for Christmas there as well.

Both Danielle and I were able to dress up as girls today, and so the first order of business for me was to pick an outfit. The weather outside would be about 40 degrees, but the forecast was sunny with a few clouds, and so I needed to dress in something toasty. I wanted to wear a dress with tights or pantyhose, but the dress would need to be something appropriate for the weather, and fortunately I have this darling dress that I've been waiting to wear for the longest time.

I actually wore the dress once earlier this year when I made a video that showed how I put on my pantyhose. It's a beautiful sweater dress in what I like to describe as a mint color, and it falls just above the knees meaning it's perfect for a pair of long boots and pantyhose, but it can also be worn with ankle boots or flats and opaque tights to create a fun look. I couldn't decided today whether I wanted to go with boots or flats or opaque tights or pantyhose, and so Danielle's practical advice was, "Bring them all and change in the bathroom if necessary."

I'm not sure why that light didn't turn on for me and my blonde head originally, but it was the perfect decision, and so I heeded Danielle's advice and brought along a pair of nude pantyhose in my purse as well as a pair of high-heeled boots. That means I began my day and the photo shoot wearing a pair of black opaque tights paired with my black ballet flats. I chose this combination first since I'm wary of going out in public wearing heels, and I also thought that any other girl wearing a dress to the village would be in opaque tights instead of pantyhose. Regardless, I was just happy to wear such a fun outfit out into public.

I met Danielle at the appointed time, which was about an hour before lunch, and we made sure to park close to the bathrooms so we could both execute some quick changes in the ladies room if necessary. Once we felt as if we were presentable enough to walk around the village, we grabbed our purses and a few cameras and went to work strolling through the village of boutiques and taking pictures at every opportunity.

The village wasn't overly crowded, but there was a steady stream of moms and their small children milling about the area both shopping and looking at all of the fun displays whose theme focused on Christmas elves.  Danielle and I also enjoyed looking at each of the displays, and it made for super fun Christmas pictures to be able to pose in front of such cute displays.

As to whether or not anyone read us, I don't think Danielle and I cared one whit. We certainly didn't get any negative reactions from anyone, and we roamed around the village freely passing by many people.  If we did get looks I suppose it was because we were taking so many pictures.  We simply had a marvelous time dressed as two women, and we took nearly a gigabit of pictures and video to show for it.

One issue we did face during the photo shoot was direct sunlight. We were hoping that the scattered clouds predicted in the weather would actually shield the direct sunlight and provide the perfect setting for outdoor pics, but we never got that break, and so we needed to be creative in finding places with shade that also included cute backgrounds.  In some instances, direct sunlight was our only choice, and so we decided to grin and bear it hoping for the best.

I suppose at this point, it's much easier to let the photos tell the rest of the story, but it was so wonderful to finally be able to get out and cross dress during Christmas time.  : )

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