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French-Style Château with Heidi

It is so good to be back in a pair of heels as I kick off yet another summer of fun, and I couldn't ask for a better outing than to team up with my gorgeous girl friend, Heidi Phox. As you have likely noticed, I have been away for several months, and it's not because I am doubting who I am or considering shelving my female side for a season. Rather, family life and work have dictated that I fulfill my obligations as a guy leaving me no time to spend as a girl. Fortunately, things begin to settle down in the summer time, and I am usually able to come back with a roar. This year should be no different, and so I was more than pleased to start off my 2015 summer of fun with a photo opportunity alongside the one and only Heidi Phox.

While Heidi and I live extremely close geographically, it's still difficult for both of us to arrange our schedules where we can both be dressed as girls. We also do not choose girl time instead of family time, and so that just adds to the challenge of our getting together. We still, however, email each other potential girl days as they arise, and when we can find a match, look out world!

In order to make today's outing work, I had quite a few things logistically to take care of in order to make it happen. I won't get into those details, especially since a treasure trove of Heidi / Lisa photos awaits, but I will say that my transformation this morning had to take place while sitting in my car in the parking garage at my work. I've actually transformed like this before, so I knew I could make it work, but there's always some trepidation involved in such a transformation because 1) the only mirrors I have are about the size of a dollar bill with one located on the sun visor above my seat and the other the rear-view mirror in my car, and 2) I have to guess at an outfit that will work since I can't lay a few things out and try them on before I leave the house.

As Heidi and I emailed back and forth planning the event, we decided to do a photo shoot at some property near us that resembles an elegant French château. We both decided that a more dressier look would be appropriate, and so in my case, it meant that I would be wearing high heels. I've explained before that I rarely wear high heels out in public because I'm paranoid about my height for starters; and secondly, the places I frequent en femme normally don't call for a pair of heels. Today, though, was different, and so I put together my outfit starting from the ground up.

I began with a pair of subtle pink slingback heels by Laura Ashley. These shoes are so pretty, but I rarely get a legitimate chance to wear them out in public. I thought it would be fun to wear them today, and so I started with pink heels. If I was wearing heels, then I was definitely going to wear pantyhose, another article of clothing that I don't wear out much anymore. For today's outing, I chose a sheer pair of nylons in a nude shade, and then I decided to cover up my lower half with a candy stripe skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch that would match the pink heels. This particular skirt is one that's really hard for me to coordinate with a top and with shoes, and so I decided to give it another try today. For the final piece of my outfit, I chose to wear a crème colored sleeveless blouse with two long ribbons hanging from either collar that allow me to tie them up into a pretty bow at the neckline, and I wore this blouse over a white padded bra from Victoria's Secret.

As for accessories, since I knew it would be a sunny day out, I wanted to use a pair of sunglasses, and so I perched them atop my forehead and used them to keep my hair pulled back.  During the photo shoot when it started to get hot and muggy, I regretted not having a hair clip with which to tie my hair into a pony tail or back into a bun, but just getting out of the house and enabling a transformation in my car meant I would forget at least one item.  My final accessory was a cute fabric purse with round wooden handles and a pretty swatch of red lace that matched the color theme of my outfit perfectly.

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