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Touring the State Capitol with Bobbie

From Bobbie ~ Day two and what a great day again. We took a self-guided tour of the capitol building and even had lunch there. Lisa, you just looked so pretty today, and it was a pleasure to be with you. Danielle, sorry you were in guy mode, but thank you for being our chaperone. It was really nice to have a guy with us.

I'm going to miss you two sweet girls. Thank you for all the time you took out of your busy days to accept me as your friend. I will never forget these fun few days and the special company I was with. Thank you Lisa and Danielle. I hope we get a chance to do this again.  Love, Bobbie.

From Lisa ~ After a fun outing yesterday with Bobbie and Danielle, the three of us girls were excited to get together yet again today for some more fun. Due to some circumstances beyond her control, Danielle was not able to go out with us en femme, but she was sweet enough to accompany us in guy mode to act as our camera woman. Thanks Danielle!!

The three of us thought it would be fun to meet downtown and visit someplace that would provide for some pretty photos, and then we all wanted to enjoy lunch together afterwards. We ultimately decided to visit the state capitol building, which also has a cafeteria, and we couldn't have asked for better weather as the autumn air was cool and crisp and the sky blue and beautiful.

Because we would be downtown today where there are more business ladies dressed sharply, both Bobbie and I decided to dress up more this afternoon than we did yesterday. Bobbie had this gorgeous blue wrap-dress that she wanted to wear with a pair of heels, and I'm always looking for a reason to wear a dress or skirt with pantyhose, and so I chose a sleek white blouse from Ann Taylor and then paired that with my favorite maxi skirt. Both of us girls also wore L'eggs pantyhose, which were appropriate for such a stately setting.

We met at the state capitol during the lunch hour and began our day with a self-guided tour of the gorgeous building. Bobbie and I first posed for pictures on the capitol lawn, and while we were facing direct sunlight for the pictures, I was pleased with how well they actually turned out.  We also had to work around three busloads of Chinese tourists who were also there to tour the building, but the capitol lawn was vast enough that we were able to find plenty of room for our pictures.

After taking the pictures outside together, Bobbie next wanted to take a few pictures of the building to show her wife. As Bobbie mentioned in my previous entry, she had a valid reason to visit our area, and so she was here with her wife's blessing. What her wife didn't know is that Bobbie would be touring the city at times en femme, and today was such an occasion, but Bobbie still wanted to take some pictures of the area to show her wife when she returned home. As she was taking a few pictures of the capitol building outside, we thought it would be fun to have me act as a tourist prop in some of the pictures, and so I could be seen in the distance as just another person there supposedly oblivious to all the pictures being taken. :)

After our fun outside, we walked to the building's entrance to tour the gorgeous inside. Fortunately, the legislature was not in session today, and so there was plenty of room for Bobbie and I as well as the Chinese tourists.  As Danielle snapped a few pictures, you could see that we were photo bombed by a few of our Chinese friends, but it was just all part of the fun this afternoon.

We started out on the first floor and took some pictures around the state seal, and then we also took advantage of the gorgeous granite walls that were beautifully polished to give them a marble appearance. Using the elevator, we worked our way up the various floors of the capitol building touring some of the rooms and then stopping here and there to pose for pictures. I was also able to to visit one of the most important rooms in the building--the ladies room, and that was just part of the entirety of the afternoon.

As Bobbie mentioned, we ended our afternoon by eating lunch, but with so many pictures from the tour alone, I'll just have to post our lunch outing in a future update. In the meantime, once again I think it's best to let the pictures from the afternoon tell the rest of the story:

Click here for the complete photo gallery of our self-guided tour in the state capitol

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