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Lunch with Bobbie at the State Capitol

After our tour through the state capitol building as documented in my previous update, Bobbie and I decided to visit the cafeteria housed in another building for lunch. Danielle was also gracious enough to accompany us and take pictures and video, and both Bobbie and I were extremely grateful for the that because Danielle was not able to dress up today.

By the time we were ready to eat lunch, it was well past the normal lunch hour, and so there wasn't a crowd at all to deal with. In fact, as we entered the cafeteria and requested the special on the daily menu, the cook informed us that they were all sold out, and so Bobbie and I both ordered different sandwiches from the menu. This was the kind of cafeteria where a cook is on hand and cooks the main entree as you wait, and so as both Bobbie and I ordered and then waited for our food, we had some time to pose for some fun photos in the kitchen/order area.

We were teasing Danielle a bit because she was using my iPhone to take all the pictures and video, and if you remember, my iPhone has a fun Minnie Mouse cover on it, so there Danielle was in guy mode toting around a Minnie Mouse phone and taking lots of pictures with it. We're not sure if anyone noticed Danielle with the Minnie Mouse phone, but Bobbie and I definitely had a good laugh about it, and Danielle was such a good sport. Thanks Danielle!!

My grilled chicken sandwich was ready first, and so I thanked the cook and then headed towards the cashier with my tray. Danielle took a few pictures from behind as I proceeded to the checkout point. There was an older gentleman at the cash register checking out, and so I set my tray down and waited in line. The cashier on duty was a young girl probably in her mid twenties, and she was extremely pleasant when it was my turn to check out.

We enjoyed a brief conversation about how our day was going and about how nice it was outside. I also commented that it was nice and quiet in the cafeteria, and there we were just two girls engaged in conversation over a transaction. I used my girl credit card to check out secretly hoping that the cashier would glance at the name. :) Soon enough, my credit card cleared and I was on my way into the seating area. There were only three other people seated at lunch, and so we were able to choose really any table we wanted. I chose a table close to the windows so we would have plenty of natural light streaming in for our pictures.

Bobbie and Danielle followed right behind me, and so the three of us girls enjoyed a pleasant lunch there in the cafeteria. I ate my chicken sandwich with a knife and fork since it was stacked super high, and I didn't want to ruin my makeup by taking big bites around the entire sandwich. Bobbie was smarter and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, which was more appropriate for a lady.

As we ate, Danielle kept snapping pictures of us eating, and I was getting paranoid because I was afraid that the pictures would turn out funny with me chewing mid-picture, and so I gave her an icy glare at one point as if to say, "Stop taking pictures of me chewing!" and of course Danielle caught a picture of that glare as posted at left with my cheeks full of food like a hungry hamster.  It was a fun moment between two dear friends teasing each other, and all of us girls had a good laugh about it.

We simply had a marvelous time eating lunch together, but unfortunately, other obligations existed, and so it was time to say good-bye. Bobbie needed to travel back home, and I needed to scoot back to work, and so Danielle and I walked Bobbie to her car where we said our final good-byes and gave each other big hugs. It was hard to say good-bye because Bobbie lives so far away, and we're not sure when we'll see her again, but we all have wonderful memories from the last two days, and we can't wait to do it all again.

Since there's not enough space on this page to post all of the pics from our lunch, I've created another photo gallery that accessible below:

Click here for more pictures of our lunch at the state capitol

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