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Meeting Bobbie

portrait of a crossdresserFrom Bobbie ~ What a great few days I had with Lisa and Danielle.  I had a reason to drive to their area, so I took advantage of the time to meet a couple of friends I met on the internet.  I have been friends with Lisa for a couple of years, and this was our first meeting.  She has been my inspiration in helping me dress and come out of the closet.  I spent four days dressed, and she was gracious enough to take time out of her work time to show me around and give me encouragement.  What a super girl!  I couldn't have a better friend.  Thank you Lisa; I love you Girl.

My other friend is Danielle, another great friend and what a great makeup artist!  She did my makeup and did a great job two days on a row.  Thank you Danielle.  I love you too pretty girl.  Thank you also for taking this girl to dinner.  That was fun and very nice.  It's the first time someone opened the car door for me.

Lisa ~ As I talked about in my previous update, a dear t-girl friend of mine, Bobbie, was in town, and so with the help of my local t-girl friend, Danielle, I was able to arrange a meeting with both of them today.  As many of you may have noticed, I was rather quiet in the month of September and disconnected from blogging or doing emails, and so it was Danielle who worked with Bobbie in arranging her visit to our area.

Since Bobbie was staying at a hotel close to Danielle, the two of them decided to drive together in order to meet up with me.  Initially, the three of us talked about meeting at the same restaurant where I accompanied Danielle to lunch with me in guy mode, but by the time all three of us were ready, it was well past the lunch hour, and then road construction on our interstate would have made it difficult for us to meet up at the restaurant in a timely manner.  After talking to Danielle and Bobbie on the phone, we decided to meet halfway between our present locations to save time, which would put us in the vicinity of the park where I met Danielle for the very first time.
three men dressed as women sitting on a park bench crossdressed
That particular park has some scenic locations for taking pictures, and you know that when three t-girls get together, the main thing on our minds is taking lots of pictures.  We all met up at the park within minutes of each other, and for the first time ever I was able to meet Bobbie face to face.  We naturally gave each other a hug, and then we all grabbed our purses and camera equipment and headed off into the park looking for fun backgrounds in which to take photos.

As for our outfits, we were all wearing jeans or slacks since we wanted to keep the meeting casual, but Danielle was the smart girl today as she also brought a skirt along to change into mid-photo shoot.  As for my outfit, I started with an off-white top from Old Navy that I purchased at the thrift store as part of a summer shopping excursion.  This particular top has elbow-length sleeves, which are perfect for the semi-chilly weather in Autumn, and it is also has a wide neckline that runs close to either shoulder.  It's a bit dressier top that works with both jeans or a skirt.

crossdresser photo bombThough we all agreed to wear jeans or slacks this afternoon, I thought that blue denim would be a little bit casual, and so the only other pair of jeans I have that aren't blue denim are my pink skinny jeans, so it was fun to wear them again today.  As for my shoes, I knew that I wanted to wear pantyhose beneath my jeans, so it was a question of black ballet flats or my brown mary-jane flats.  I went with the brown mary-jane flats for no particular reason.

As for my girl friends, we all had a good laugh when we noticed that both Danielle and Bobbie had purchased the exact same cardigan sweater to wear with their outfits today.  Danielle was wearing her cardi over a demure gray top along with a pair of smart, white capri jeans.  Danielle too wore pantyhose, and then she also wore heels providing for a stunning look.  As for Bobbie, she wore her cardigan over a pretty floral top that she had matched perfectly with a pair of dressy, black slacks. Bobbie brought a fun pair of brown strappy sandals with flat heels in brown, and then she also brought a pair of dressier black pumps with straps and heels.

We spent close to an hour at the park gabbing away and looking for fun photo opportunities.  Due to the angle of the sun in the sky, we needed to find locations that faced south yet were still in the shade, and I'm confident that we did find all such locations. At one point, we did venture out into the full sun, so I'll post a group photo in full sun as well, but I think at this point, it's best to end this update with a slide show of photos taken from our meeting and photo shoot in the park.

Click here for the complete photo gallery of our visit in the park

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