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Wearing My Bikini to the Lake

crossdressing a bikiniOne of my dreams is to be able to wear a bikini to the beach or to a lake and spend several hours there playing in the water, laying out in the sun to create tan lines, and doing anything else that other girls clad in bikinis would do. The problem is that the bikini is designed for a body completely opposite of mine, so in order to pull off a valid look in a bikini, there are a lot of things that have to fall in place...literally!

First and foremost is the top. Because my natural bra size is AA, if I want any curves at all in my bikini top then I need to use my breast forms. At this point, I feel as if the curves in my top would be helpful, and so the next problem is using breast forms in the bikini top and also hiding them, especially when moving around. I haven't perfected this method yet, and that's why I was only able to do pictures and video today and not actually dive into the lake and swim around.

The next part of the bikini that needs attention is the bottom, and any girl like me can push her parts all the way back in order to create a smooth front, and likewise, she can push the parts forward creating a credible view from behind, but how to you get everything squished in there AND look plausible from the front and behind at the same time?? This is also an area that I have yet to perfect, but I was able to get myself to the point where I was tucked well enough to wander out onto a walkway near the lake with people everywhere and not worry about my view from the front or behind.

Had I actually dove in the water or played a game of sand volleyball, for example, all hell wouldn't have been the only thing that broke loose, so for today's photo shoot, I was able to walk around and look okay from both sides as I posed for photos, but I still want to get to the point where I can be active in a bikini and still keep everything in place properly.

A final aspect of sporting a bikini that I didn't plan for well enough was shaving the bikini area. In this regard, I was in a bit of a predicament. What I really wanted to do was to completely shave my bikini area and not have anything to worry about, but how would I have explained that one to my wife?? As a result, I had to be careful as to how far back I shaved my bikini area, and let me just say that my opinion on the matter is you can never shave back far enough. For today's photo shoot, I managed okay, and I don't think I gave Danielle an unwanted show, but let's just say that I was cutting close. :)
crossdressed in a bikini at the lake

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