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Lisa's Women's Bathroom World Tour 2017 (Page 2 of 3)

As I was taking care of things--along with taking a few selfies, a handful of women and/or girls came and went, but once again, I was able to use the women's bathroom without incident. I am certainly not encouraging everyone to start using the girl's room at will, but I did think it'd be fun to post a few things that I've learned this year by using the women's bathroom crossdressed as a girl.
list of bathrooms a transgender woman has used
First, women tend to use the furthest stalls from the entrance, and if all of the stalls are empty, they will choose the second stall in from the furthest wall. I think it's part of human psychology that steers girls away from using the very last stall against the far wall, and so they choose the one right next to it. I think in every case when I entered a bathroom and someone was already in there, they were occupying the second to last stall in the row.

my pink toenails after a pedicure with Opi nail polish in the Kiss Me shadeIn my case, I tended to occupy the first stall available, and sometimes I would occupy the second closest stall, and I'm sure this was due to my wanting to be as close to the entrance as possible just so I was in more control of the situation should I need to make a quick exit. Today when I went to Walmart, I purposefully chose the closest stall because I thought that if people saw my painted toenails then they would know for sure that it was just another girl in there.

a transgender girl using the women's room at the factory outletsA second thing that I have learned this year is there is no talking in the girls bathroom unless you come in with a friend and the two of you are already in conversation. This is the same for the men's room as well, but I was just curious if women would say hello to each other or make other small talk should they happen across another women at the sink, etc. As far as I can tell, there are no greetings, small talk, or even eye contact that is made, and I think all of these things benefited me when I would pass another girl face to face.

Third, when girls tinkle, it comes in at a different angle than the boys. A lot of you are probably thinking "No duh!" but this is something that I learned this year. As a boy sitting down to tinkle, you will hardly make any sound at all, but the girls have a direct line towards the water, and so the sound is noticeably different. As a result, when I would use the girl's bathroom, I would make it a point to adjust my angle of approach so that I was hitting more water and less porcelain. I don't care to go into any further detail on this subject. :)

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